Thursday, October 4


Wooden scarecrows all over my neighborhood, wearing overalls, smiling painted smiles, with white painted eyes that twinkle. They make me think of you, and the scarecrows you painted that hungout in the basement by the television for so long. Fall and Halloween make me miss you, like Christmas makes most everyone else miss their Mothers.

Wednesday, October 3

Leaves, hats, and black water.

When we arrived here, the lake was a deep blue. Lately, when I look down the street, it has changed. The ferry's have stopped going back and forth, so the water is still. The color has changed too, maybe the cold, maybe just being still, something has made it black. Next year I will look for the change in water as a sign fall has crept in. I love that we get to see the change of season, all the leaves turning red and yellow, then falling all over the ground. Clara and I went out to play in them, and swing in the tree.