Friday, October 12

Depo Provera

I got the depo-provera injection a few weeks ago. Ugh, what a mistake. I feel like I have morning sickness again. Except this time I don't have a sweet little baby to look forward to. In fact quite the opposite. Not that I want another baby. I don't. I would just love to feel normal. It isn't just nausea either. I feel completely drained all the time. My house is a disaster. I am not a huge fan of cleaning but I get things done, nothing ever gets this bad for this long. Normally I love to cook, I can't even get myself to do that. I feel bad for my baby, I'm just no fun anymore. I don't know what to do to fix it. I will never get this shot again.

Sunday, October 7

Weekend Stress

My Mom's dog died. He was missing for quite a few days, and yesterday they found him. He had been hit by a car. He was my dog for a long time too, from my sophomore year in high school until I got married. He was a really great dog. I am sad he is gone but I am more sad for my Mom, she is so broken up about it.

Also yesterday, my Dad gives me a call and says "take a look at all your toys there has been a big recall" A lot of toys made in China high levels of lead. All Clara's toys are from China. Some of the signs of lead poisoning are things I have been worrying about with Clara. They say it will stunt their growth, give them behavioral issues and a bunch of other things. So now I am stressed about that. Plus I think my friend my have gone back home, I called her and her Mom answered. So it's been a crappy few days. Hope everyone else has a good weekend.