Friday, November 2

Lettin' the bumb breathe

Since Clara was born I have been a firm believer that bums should be given the opportunity to be free of the diaper and catch some fresh air on occasion. When she was new I would rap her up in a receiving blanket, a sort of makeshift cloth diaper, and I would hold her for a little while to give her bum some air. When she started to crawl I could no longer keep the makeshift cloth diaper on, so she went in the buff. I have continued that method since she has learned to walk. Yesterday I decided would be a bum breather day, and I let her run around for a few minutes. She has peed on the carpet before, so naturally I have some reservations when she is running around in the raw, so I let Nate know he was responsible to clean up because I was cooking. Thankfully when she peed it was on the linoleum.

When she peed the first time, I was babysitting my neighbor's two year old daughter, she noticed first and started to point and say "uuk uuk" it was HILARIOUS. I am not super uptight about stuff like that and find it pretty funny usually. When she peed this time it was no less funny. I feel pretty good she has only peed on the floor a handful of times in her life. I have known a few kids who figure out early how to take their diapers off and cleaning up after them becomes a daily routine. If I were in that situation I probably wouldn't find it so funny anymore. But for now I will continue to send her out to run free, and clean up any puddles she leaves behind, with a chuckle. I like to see her naked bum and give it a pinch as it wiggles to her next adventure.

Thursday, November 1


I wrote a very dear friend to tell her my baby news, and got a terrible reply. She was happy for me and can't believe it, all the normal reactions and congratulations. Then she tells me her husband had slept with someone else and wants to go and start a life with her. So they are getting a divorce. The two had only been married five months. I attended their wedding. It makes me so want to hurt this man, this BOY. She is the loveliest of people, truest of friends and kindest of spirits. Why do things like this happen? Why do they happen to the undeserving? Some people in life have it coming, they reap what they sow, but she isn't one of them, this cheater should be the one suffering, he is the douche. It makes no sense. I wish I could run into him at the store or something, with this new bimbo on his arm. I would slap him to kingdom come, I have slapped men on behalf of friends before, I would do it again. I would slap him so hard his tramp girlfriend would feel it. I would like to say I am not vengeful, but it is times like these your true colors come out, I am feeling pretty vindictive. God help him if I ever find him around the corner.

Monday, October 29


Many many months ago, Nathan and I would fall asleep to gentle soothing sounds of a our newborns cries and screams. I would nurse her, place her in the crib next to me, and let the lovely aria begin. It usually didn't last very long under 20 minutes then she would conk out. We did this because that is what the Internet said to do. I always trust the Internet. It said letting her scream would teach her to self sooth. We received the payoff when she was around 6 months old. I was able to lay her down and she would just go to sleep. It was circumstantial however, she required her fluffy strawberry shortcake blanket and, butterfly binky, this remains the requirement today. I give her the butterfly binky and fluffy blanket, lay her down and walk out of the room. It is heaven.

A few months ago I made an observation of her self soothing routine. She picks at her blanket until she has enough of the fluffy blanket fibers to roll into a ball and create what we have come to call a "fluff". Once the fluff is created, she rubs it under her nose until she looses it, then she creates another, over and over until she falls asleep. The result of all this is the ring of fluffs surrounding her crib, they come off her onto you, they wind up in our bed, we pick them out of her nose, they are very prize possessions. Fluffs gone astray, are usually reclaimed and devoured, or she will gift them to you but promptly require it back, so she may devour it. If there is something in her mouth, it is often a fluff, and we will ask that she "give it up" (I say that more times in a day than I can count). Although she seems to understand, fluffs must be swallowed to eat or drink something else, or if it is to large it must be surrendered. Fluffs are her soothing way to get to sleep but more than that, to her they are blissful hard earned products of a good nights sleep.