Friday, November 9

Smelling of pregnancy and wanting too drink egg nog.

I am a hygienic person. During pregnancy being so gets more challenging.

I don't know why my underarms refuse to stay fresh smelling. I bathe, I use soap, I deodorize with antiperspirant and deodorant. Why then, do I smell funky within only a few hours after taking a bath? I know I am not the only one to have difficulty with stinky pits. My Mom says she had it, Clo called me up to ask if it was normal. I still have to ask why though? I could go without it, and I just started to get over it really. I just started to smell normal from my last baby. This may not be what you wanted to read about, I am sure I would not want to read about it, but it perplexes me, and I wanted to put it out there.

There is a very small grocer here, while I was in there a few days ago I saw egg nog! Sadly it was alcoholic, but it reminded me egg nog will start to show up! I have been waiting for it to come to the store here, but to no such luck. To my surprise yesterday and one of my bi-monthly trips to Wal-Mart I found it! Wooo! I can't really drink it, but I can taste it. I have also given up cereal, ice cream, cream cheese and 2% milk. If I do more than taste I pay, dearly. I pay even more while pregnant, with my insides getting squished. I still want a taste though, I wish I could drink the whole carton. I will be lactose intolerant forever. I know it will get progressively worse and become more aggressive, my Dad doesn't even take tastes anymore. It is only a matter of time before I join him.

Tuesday, November 6


My good friend Cloie had a baby girl a few days ago. She named her Sophie. She asked me to be her Godmother! I have rarely felt so honored. It is like getting more family members over night.

I go to see them next week, in Connecticut. I had hoped and planned on being there for her birth, but she decided to come early. Clo will be needing a fair bit of help, she had an emergency cesarean. I have seen a picture of the angel baby, and she is round. Clo is still in the hospial, she gets out tomorrow.

What a neat thing.

Monday, November 5

Professional Eater

I learned a difficult but valuable lesson during the first trimester of my pregnancy with Claralynne. You must eat. Eating is essential to not puking or feeling sick, eat and eat frequently. With Clara I wasn't great at that, I usually ate three regular size meals a day, instead of the recommended 6 small meals. This time around I have done better. So I am not nearly as sick this time, I am just sick and tired of eating. Eating several small meals a day, generally translates into this: eating is now your job, you will have 2 scheduled 15 minute breaks and 1 half our lunch break, in which I mean you will break for a half an hour once a day from your perpetual lunch. If you take longer than your allotted 15 minute break you will do extra work throughout your day to catch up on lost eating; thus feeling more queasy throughout the rest of your day, than if you had followed break rules. We run a tight schedule round here and we can't have any dilly dallying.

This kid is less than one one hundredth my size and he is among the very most stringent bosses I have had to date, falling directly behind his big sister. She runs house.