Saturday, December 8

New York, New York!!!

I have dreamed of visiting New York for as long as I can remember. At one point, shortly after high school, I wanted to live there and go to Julliard, study opera. Then I got married and had babies which is a wonderful substitution. I would still love to fulfill that dream but for now just going was a super accomplishment in the book of Me.Here we are walking around on Broadway. This is what was sad about my trip. Seeing a "Broadway" show has been a large dream as well. As we walked down Broadway and the "Les Miserables" billboard shined brightly, my crazed inner audience member did a little dance in my heart. Unfortunately right before I arrived, the Union Stage Hands went on strike, demanding to be put on salary. This shut down every show on Broadway. In this picture I had just gotten finished glaring at the picketers, wishing I could yell "GET BACK TO WORK YOU BIG BABIES". It worked...the day before I left, the strike ended and I found out during my homeward bound layover in Detroit. *sniff* This is a large tragedy for me, and I am determined to go back.

I did however see some neat sights, eat New York food, and nearly get mowed down by insane New York taxi drivers. The experience was in a word, overwhelming, Manhattan is overwhelming. I snapped this neat picture of The Rockefeller Center.

And this one of the Brooklyn Bridge.

I was not very good at getting pictures, my friends got more, and I need to have them emailed to me.

I spent most of my time in a little apartment in Connecticut, snuggling my brand new God Daughter and watching football.We drove around the Yale area and there are houses there send chills down your spine, they are so beautiful. All in all it was a fun trip and I am anxious to go back some day.

My pregnancy is going well, I am 3 and a half months along. I caved and put maternity pants on two days ago, and the comfort was unbelievable. I am poking out a fair bit and feeling the miniature tike move a little. I am due May 31, and we find out what the sex is in about a month! Pray pray pray for a BOY!