Friday, December 28


I figured knowing what you craved during pregnancy is kinda fun information so in my second post of the day here we are so far:

A good salad

I will continue to list them as I remember them, or as I have them.


I have a head cold. I feel like death. I am not sleeping well, because I don't have a working nose. That is a crappy organ to have give out on you. The congestion has been very one sided, as in, I am only able to breathe through one nostril. SO frustrating. Not being able to breathe has literally made me anxiety ridden and panicked. I feel like I am being smothered. My nose has been blown so many times I have a scab under it. I can't open my mouth very wide to eat, because I have a tender cold sore. I have been so nervous about taking any kind of medicine, I don't want to give the baby anything bad. I broke down and took a 24 decongestant. It was time release so I would have 1 hour of breathe time then 2 hours waiting for the next release of medicine. Time between got longer and longer and the lasting effect shorter and shorter, that is when panic set in, and feeling smothered. I just wanted instant lasting relief. I saw an advertisement for 12 hour decongestant nasal spray, desperate I told Nate to go get me something like that. He came home with a vicks 12 hour decongestant spray. HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH PRAISE THE LORD. It burned like hell, but I have been clear for several hours. Now I am hoping to get a good nights sleep. Thank you Vicks!