Tuesday, December 30

Sore Spot

For oreos. I bought them last night, now they are all gone...and I. Want. More.Like many, I have let go, any dietary reservation for the holidays. I wish I didn't feel guilty, I so love food, sweets, pop those things I know ALL too well I should not be consuming with any regularity. I have promised myself that all gorging will cease...some time in the next....some time. But for the oreos, I still desire another, and that is the problem. I will not, however, in any circumstance return to the store for just one more box. Not a chance.

If brainwashing myself is the only way

so be it.

Monday, December 29

More Than Christmas

It was a wonderful Christmas. Clara understood the point for the first time, and seeing her delighted face as she unwrapped each new treasure, was amongst the neatest things we have experienced with her so far. I am already excited for next year when we will officially start Santa. I gave and received some wonderful things, but as usual the best gift this year did not come from under the tree.

As I was making cookies trying hard not to devour the entire bowl of dough, I asked Nate to call his family. They didn't answer at first, but quickly called him back. When he picked up the phone he gave his Christmas greetings to his older sister Kiana. Funny and sweet, I thought, that she was the one to call us back and not his Mom. As I brushed it aside, watching and listening to his merry making with her, suddenly his eyes got very large, "Really?.......You are!........ Congratulations!". But it couldn't be, she couldn't be, heart pounding I ask, "Nathan, is she pregnant?" he nods yes. I am crying even now as I write it, and though I feel it isn't really my surprise to tell, I must tell of the screaming, crying, dancing and jumping that occured. I wish so much to hug her, hug her belly, jump up and down with her, and watch the gentle glow of pregnancy fill her face over the coming months. I cannot describe to you how much this is a true miracle, after all the years, thier family seems to be coming almost all at once, Spencer having joined us less than a year ago. This is not only the best gift for this year but among the best gifts I have ever gotten, a gift direct from the big man himself. Congratualtions Kiana and Patrick for baby number two, five years in the making!

Wednesday, December 24


I shoveled today and I will probably have to again in another few, it never ends...at least not until mid May.

Christmas Gifts

I thought I would be irritated, when awoken in the night by a hungry infant. I thought I would wish to go back to sleep, wish they would sleep. Though it is true, in the first few days after their births, sleep stayed in my eyes even when awake. In the night I often pulled my babes to me and fell back asleep in the same motion, only to be woken again by gentle nuzzling a few hours later.

This Christmas Eve, in the wee hours of the morning, I was awoken by a rustling coming from a wonderful bit of technology. Though he did not wake, I took the opportunity having already been awoken, to feed him. I pulled him from his bed and laid him at my side, even half asleep he roots and latches. I am calmed and in wonder, listening and watching, his round soft hand resting gently on my breast, his rhythmic breaths and hums, with a moonlit angel's face. I plead with myself, as I so often do, to never forget this perfect moment. When he nods off to sleep I place him back in his bed, and return to my own. I am soothed from soothing, my soul is fed by feeding my son. As I look back and reminisce about wondrous times feeding my babies, the memories feel like rare and precious stones, a Mother's Gift, Motherhood as a gift. I think about other gifts I have been given, they reach high to be held, they smile with glee when being fetched from their naps, they work hard to support you in every possible way, they call everyday and cry with missing, they love you from a distance. And it is what I don't unwrap, the people not the possessions that are my true Christmas treasures, my everyday gifts. I hope to you, while around your Christmas tree you all feel as I do, fulfilled by the people in your lives. Have a moment to be slow and take them in, "drink them in!" as Anne would say, love them every minute, remember to give thanks for them, and have a very merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 17


I just finished two films. The First called Zeitgeist, and the second Zeitgeist Addendum. You can view them here. Very interesting, and worth your time. Chuck full of mind boggling information.

I wouldn't consider myself a conspirator, though many of the subjects addressed in the films have been considered conspiracy. Watching will help you to understand why in fact what most believe, is the real conspiracy. Many of you who read my blog know I am not affiliated with any religion, I am not political, and am generally weary of most organized institutions (including the military even though it is such a huge part of our lives). Thus the homebirthing, non-vaccinating, non-voting and so forth. I realize I color outside the lines, and that it makes some uncomfortable, but I feel I have done my research, and have not fabricated my opinions from some lack of education or enlightenment. These films address the very foundations of our lives, and present undeniably challenging information. I am afraid of it, and then I am not. Watch with an open mind. It is not my intent to deliberately test your faith, or shake your beliefs, or make it hard for you to sleep at night, I am merely trying to help illuminate an alternate possibility than the majority are aware of. I highly recommend these films. And hope they can help shed some light on things that have been intentionally kept from us.

Saturday, December 13


Look what Santa left me under the tree!

Friday, December 12


Congratulations to Mitzi! She won the custom beanie!

So now for the real start to the giveaways. In the future I will post finished projects that you can enter for, and you can enter by linking (which is what I just did to Mitzi's blog) back to my blog from your own.

Here are two projects I just finished, sorry they are not giveaways for the blog., but I thought you might like to see things that are in store. I made them for the Coast Guard Station's Christmas party this evening, as white elephant gifts.

Monday, December 8


Alright, onward with the giveaways! I am thinking maybe I will do two a month to start. I will start working on various projects and post them as giveaways, and you can enter for them by linking to my blog from yours. For this first giveaway, and perhaps others now and then, the winner gets a custom hat of their color choice and design (if they have one in mind). Entry will close on Thursday winner will be announced on Friday and I will try to get the hat out in time for Christmas. For this giveaway, leaving a comment is fine for entry, but for all giveaways after you will need to link back to enter. Good luck!

Saturday, December 6

Clara's Hat

So when I told Nate I wanted to start knitting and crocheting hats, he told me he really wanted me me to make them for the kids, so here is my second beanie. I started it for another friend who's birthday has passed, but, as I am just starting out it was too small. So I finished it up with Clara in mind. You can kind of see I tried to stitch a little heart on the top, I was also going to make a flower for it, but decided the hat stood well on its own.

So with Christmas on the way, I am going to try something new. I hope people don't hate me for it, and it could potentially blow up in my face, and necessitate changing the blog to private. BUT, I am gonna give it a whirl anyways.

Beanie and things giveaways! Lets get everyone's comments and see what you all think of that idea. I am going to make the decision by the end of next week or sooner, so that I can get the hat done and out in time to be a nice Christmas gift. This time around leave a yes or no comment. If you like the idea, then also leave the colors and size of the beanie you would like, and I will put the names in a beanie ;) and draw them out. If all goes well then I will keep doing hats, and maybe down the line more involved projects, then post them as giveaways. You can also enter by linking to my blog, and I will see it using Technorati. Could be fun, we will see!

Friday, December 5

Look What I Made!

And can I tell you just how incredibly proud I am?! I made this for a neighbor's little girl, for her first birthday. I was so glad to be able to do something for her. Money is not in super high supply right now, with Christmas and everything, so going out and spending ten dollars for a birthday gift isn't always feasible. I spent probably three dollars on yarn, and it took me many many hours, if you total all the hours it took me to learn to crochet. I couldn't be happier about how my first project turned out though!

Wednesday, December 3

Violent Acres

I am in love with a new "blog! Check it out. It is 2 am people, and here I am still reading this salty lady. She is foul mouthed, ill tempered, poorly behaved, shameless, in your face, and over opinionated. I have been squirming in my seat for the entire read, but boy I wish I had half her guts! Enjoy with caution!

Sunday, November 30

Hiding Smiles

Any parent who's children have progressed to, or past toddlings, know that whilst punishing you must never smile. This can prove to be difficult at times, because even though they are being naughty, they are your most beloved treasures, the most beautiful and wonderful children to ever exist.

Clara wanders around our house partially to completely naked, all day, every day. It is for potty training purposes, and has been a fail safe technique. When the inevitable toddler act out occurs she is sent to the corner, if she continues to be naughty, she gets swat on her naked little butt (not to hard of course). Nowadays, when she hears the condemning words, she toddles her way over to the corner with one hand shielding her tush, and there the hand remains for the entire time out. But as a punishing parent, I am forbidden to smile, even though, this is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. So I squint, purse my lips together, hide my face, pretend I am coughing, ANYTHING, to hide the fact that, I think she is the simplest, purest, most honest, and perfect little person in the world, and she makes me smile even when I am supposed to be angry.

Friday, November 28

Carabiner Friends

Rock climbers trust their carabiners with their lives. A carabiner is a strong, if not temporary link. It can always be undone to move onto the next stage of your climb.

Not many I know spend their holidays with people whom they have known only a few short months. For me, that is how I have spent many of the major three holidays over the last four years. Last night was no exception. I have been thinking a lot about the friendships I have had and the friendships I have now. I bonded very strongly to a handful of people while in Texas, people I could not have lived without, they kept me "hangin' on", they were my carabiners. Our friendships were strong, though we all knew they were temporary. Today, I am Godmother to one of my friend's daughter, and don't even talk to one of my very closest friends anymore. It seems harsh, she was as dear to me as any friend I have ever had, aside from the small difference, the iron clad link, and the carabiner. All my friendships in Texas, started as carabiner friendships, only one transitioned to the iron clad. Sadly, that is not something to always hope will happen, and I almost hope it doesn't. It is hard enough to miss my family so much, to continually add people to the already long list of those I am constantly missing, to wonder when I will see my friend or my Goddaughter again, it is too hard, too painful to set all my friendships in so deep. I attach intentionally with the temporary carabiner link.

When we came to Michigan, I accepted that this was the way of my life and the friendships I have now, I know are easily and almost painlessly undone. But it does make me sad to spend a holiday with friends that, had we been in a position to let our roots grow deep, would be our friends for the rest of our lives. We would grey together, watch our kids go through high school, grow and change together. I think about how long my family lived in my house in Utah, if we had that many years to look forward to, with the friends we have now, we would be blessed with the greatest of lifelong friendships. But as it is now, when we leave I will probably talk to them less than five times a year, and fewer and fewer as the years go by. But Thanksgiving with them will be one of my most treasured memories, and I have no carabiner memories.

Wednesday, November 26

At the Head

Still healing up, hoping that there isn't a snag. I am not sure at this point and have an appointment with my E.N.T. on Monday. Hopefully it will be good news, but I am scared there is a hole right now, I was able to get air through my ear a little bit ago, so I am worried.

I went a month without a dishwasher. I didn't write that here! It was hell and my kitchen was in sheer chaos. I got a new one yesterday, and I will tell you, I will take putting dishes in the washer, over doing them by hand, ANY DAY. In fact I am feeling like I will NEVER procrastinate again, after washing so many dishes by hand. Yuck! What a wuss am I! Huh?

I have double duty with another Coastie lady for Thanksgiving. It is just us and her family, but I have the turkey. I have never made one before and I am a little nervous! I hope it turns out alright! I feel like I have the responsibility of the turkey a little prematurely. It seems like at this point in my life the turkey should still be Grandma's responsibility, I am still at the "helping chop things" stage. I think most people my age with small families still go to thier parents house for Thanksgiving, you know what I mean? Like the baton hasn't been tossed to me yet, but I am the head already, I am the MOM, not my Mom. It is hard to explain. I just know I would rather chop, and watch my Mom be the Grandma, like it was for me growing up. My Mom chopped or stirred or picked....no wait that was Timmy, and My Grandmother was the Chef, my Mom was the Sous chef. I am not ready to be the chef, I was never the sous! Maybe I hate doing things out of order. I am babbling. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

I spelled sous, sue....hehe. I fixed it though.

Friday, November 21

Mrs. Potato Head

A few people have asked why I needed ear surgery. I have had chronic ear infections through out most of my life and holes in my ear drums which have required a number of surgeries. This last surgery I had is called a tympanoplasty, and it was my fifth. They took the tissue needed for the graft from behind my left ear, as the tissue from my tragus had already been used on both sides, the tissue from behind my ear on the left has also been used before, so the doctor had to go up higher on my head to find the tissue needed. Until recently, my family and I have always wondered what the cause of my ear troubles have been. My parents have taken the blame in various ways, apple juice to bed, bad anti nausea pills taken while pregnant with me, etc. What we learned through this last surgery has been relieving, as my surgeon was able to see, I have unsually narrow, eustachian tubes which has made drainage difficult, which results in ear infections, which results in ruptured membranes. This concludes your brief course on the functioning of the human ear drum, eustachian tube and one of the procedures used to correct them when they malfunction. Here is a kinda gross picture of my partailly cut off, then sewn back on again, ear.

Thursday, November 20

Detatchable Ear

It all went well, maybe in a few weeks I will be able to hear!!!

I have a nice ole incision behind my ear, where they cut it off to patch up my eardrum, the thought of my ear flapping around kind of make my intestines turn in knots. The anesthesiologist was a jerk (not really he was very nice) he didn't tell me when he put me under, one moment we were having a nice conversation about surgical lights, and the next I was waking up to the machines that go PING! And ping....and ping, annoying as heck

I did a lot of waiting, as did Nate. Now I am recovering well, but my head does indeed hurt a little. I will post more updates soon, maybe even a picture of my gnarly incision!

Wednesday, November 19

Snow White

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, off to surgery I go!
Whistle whistle whistle, whistle whistle whistle
Hi Ho! Hi Ho, Hi Ho Hi HOOOOOOO!

Sunday, November 16


Ah man :*( Michael Crichton died. He was one of my favorite authors and I am so heartbroken. He wrote, Jurassic Park and The Lost World, wonderful books, lots of fun, and insanely smart. He was fabulous and I am so sad to know we will no longer be graced with his unique writing.

He fought long and hard against cancer. He was 66.

Saturday, November 15

4 A.M.

Last night Nathan and I stayed up way past bedtime, squished together on our couch like a couple of sardines, laughing so hard our sides and heads hurt, hurt so bad our eyes spilled with tears. We gasped for air and tried to quiet down for the next joke, from Demitri Martin. At four a.m. we finally rapped it up, quoting over and over "hot potato...is a very different game.....when the people are starving...." and laughing uncontrollably again. It is so fun to have such a neat person to hang around with all the time, a person I can laugh so hard I snort and it only makes it funnier.

Wednesday, November 12

Egg Nog

This is me while drinking egg nog.

And this is me two hours later, begging Nathan to kill me.

Saturday, November 8

Double Take

Wow what amazing changes. This is at a few days and the other at five months. He was such a jaundiced baby, and so tiny! How time flies!

Friday, November 7


On November 5th 2004 I went down to an empty room, mine for one last night, and pulled a white gown from a wardrobe bag. I admired the flowered beading, imagined how I would feel in the morning. When I woke up the following day I ran around like a mad woman, tying up lose ends. By the time I got to the church I was so overwhelmed with anxiety, excitement, happiness and wonder I couldn't stop sweating. As my Mother tried to curl my uncurlable damp hair my heart raced, my eyes welled, and my heart raced some more. I was about to take the most important walk of my life, the walk down the isle, to marry my love. My family and his led the way before me. My father played Cavatina as he walked me down the isle. I could barely see my Nathan through the tears clouding my eyes. He took my hand and my Grandfather, my Mother's Father, spoke the gentle vows he wrote for us with love in his voice. Nathan's eye's were blue as ever, he winked at me as he still does today, our secret "I love You" our "as you wish". I was his, he was mine, I got to keep him.

We could never have known what the two simple words, "I do" would bring us. It was the best decision we ever made and the happiness we have gained, the love we have been given is beyond words. I look into the eyes of my small ones and I see him there, it is then I know this is right. Four years is a small span in the space of a lifetime, and even smaller beyond it, but I feel accomplished, and I am overjoyed to be with him for the rest of our unmeasurable love.

Happy fourth anniversary my Nathan.


Wednesday, November 5

Political Tidbit

I would not classify myself as a Democrat or a Republican. Really I don't know what it would mean to be either. I see I have nearly insurmountable freedoms, and I feel that is enough. Between the two men who ran the final leg of the election, I don't think one man was better qualified than the other. They are flawed, as all humans are, and corrupt as all politicians are. But I am glad Barack Obama was elected to be our next President, for a single reason. It shows how far this nation has come. From brutal segregation, to the oval office, in less than 50 years.

He will be no magician or Santa Claus. He is not superhero or more than just a man. Our country is in heaps of trouble in mounds of ways, it cannot and will not be saved by a single talented speaker, who wears the title President. It will be saved by us, the simple people, of this great country. I am glad it was in my lifetime, the first African-American was elected President. I am proud of this country for that.

Tuesday, November 4


I can't remember the last time I had hiccups. What an anomaly. Does anyone know yet, why this happens? Is there some obscure physical necessity for them? Is my diaphragm lifting weights? Running laps? Is it realizing it is out of shape? Maybe I need to sing more. Though I can hardly imagine that, I sing all day!

I am off to Detroit in two weeks. Getting my gimpy ear patched up. My only concern is the drive home 2 days post-op. That is going to be a long drive times two...I hope they give me some super duper pain fightin' drugs!

Sunday, November 2


Halloween was a lot of fun. I think I enjoyed trick-or-treating with my little girl, better than I did when I was a kid. The Carebear costume was perfect, it is pretty nippy here right now, so the extra poof kept her warm...for the most part, her hands were icicles by the end of the night. We went with the Culey family another Coastie Gang. The other little girl is theirs, her name is Gabby.

Claralynne never did say "trick-or-treat", even though I prompted her every time we rapped on the next Yooper's door, but she did say thank you a lot!

This picture is from the trunk-or-treat a few days earlier, it was a bit of a sad turn out, so I am especially happy Halloween was a success. We didn't dress James as anything, he rode quietly in the Chariot and attracted plenty of attention despite it. He is just so dang cute that's why! ;)

Tuesday, October 28

Thrush + Gentian Violet = Perfect Timing

Just in time for Halloween James got Thrush, and we thought it was a good idea to paint his mouth purple. My nipples are also this rather pretty shade of violet.

You can learn about Gentian Violet here.

Monday, October 27


Not part of one, or the other.
Apart from that which I am a part.

It is frustrating.

Friday, October 24

Another Beautiful Dress from Grosgrain

Marie-Therese Gown

So I just have to enter for this giveaway as well, I can dream right! If it were up to me this dress would be my size and I would wear it for Halloween. Don't you just love this era? I wish we could figure out time travel, all I want is to observe. Lookie no touchie, just to see what it was like, to see those pretty dresses sway, see the gentlemen bow to the ladies who wear them. A tumultuous era at times, but I think the fashion was first class!

Other Era's of fashion I absolutely adore.

Fashion in the 20's. When the ladies all sported Cloche hats, and Coco Channel made her way into the fashion history books.

Fashion in the 50's. When men didn't leave the house without his classy fedora atop his head, Frank Sinatra ruled the world....

and Marilyn...ah Marilyn....does it get any more iconic than that?

Wednesday, October 22

For Bored People Like Me

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Tuesday, October 14

Pretty Little Things, For Pretty Little Girls

Shenandoah Costume

This dress is SO lovely, I had to share it with you. It makes me want to go out and buy a sewing machine so I can practice and practice and practice, until one day I am able to make beautiful works of clothing art.

My Mother-in-Law, Diane, is a wonderful seamstress and made many a high school dress for eldest child Kiana and youngest child Mary. Diane helped me to make a very pretty skirt once, sadly it does not fit anymore, since the onset of childbearing hips.

I have been struggling to think of what to dress Claralynne as for Halloween. I will probably put her in a fluffy Carebear costume. But oh, the thought of her in this pretty jewel, sure makes a Carebear costume seem silly.

Sunday, October 12

Parenthood Makes Me Poetic

At first there was me,
then I became two.
And together we both created you.
Laughter and smiles were never so sweet,
until you came and made our family complete.

I remember the past,
and I can't help but wonder,
how my life was not completely asunder.
For today it would be an impossible feat,
to live without you,
who make my heart beat.

Saturday, October 4

Cute Do!

I have been growing Claralynne's bangs out. It has made for a bit of a fight. If I put clips in her hair to secure her bangs, she pulls the clips out, and her hair is back in her face again and I can't stand not to see her eyes. I was then inspired by this lady. She is always doing such cute things to her little girls hair, and I thought "I can do that! I used to do that with Lisa!"

Now thankfully Clara's hair is really cute and I can see her pretty blues! Thank you Amanda!

Little darlings.

Tuesday, September 30


Many years ago-well not too many-I babysat my neighbors, the Barnes' two children as a summer job. Maddy was about 10 months, Landon was three. We watched Mulan, and nothing else. We would go about regular play time things with the movie playing. When it came time to put another movie in, DVDs did not get switched, other amiable Disney films were not pulled from their cases for any other purpose than to recreationally throw them about the room. Mulan played on...and on....and on. It was not unusual to have watched Mulan four and five times in a single day.

When their third child, Dylan, was born, I discovered he slept very well when Finding Nemo was on. I greatly enjoyed snuggling him and falling asleep myself, so the cycle continued on. Together we would curl up and listen to the dialogue, both of us often asleep before Nemo started school. When the film ended, Dylan would stir, I started the movie over, and we passed out again.

In the last few weeks, I have come back to this place. The Movie is Lady and the Tramp. Clara knows there are puppies in it, I assume that is why she loves it. When she asks for a wee wee (
Claralese for movie) it is always the puppy wee wee....This is the movie I watch daily. All other Disney movies are for kicking around the room only.

It is fun to come full circle.

Sunday, September 28

Sunday, September 21

A Birthday

The Changes

September 20, 2006 Four hours old.

September 20, 2007 One Year Old.

September 20, 2008 Two Years Old.

The Party

The Mess

The Future

Time passed. It all moved so quickly I almost didn't feel it.

Thursday, September 18

Horse Tranquilizer

Clara is so sick. She has had a cold since July, since we came back from Utah. I blame the toxic air there. She has had a stuffy nose and cough the entire month and a half. The last few days have been particularly mean. She can't shake her fever, she has had one for 4 days. Her antibiotic isn't working. She is runny at both ends. Last night I went to check on her and she was snoring, obviously having a tough time breathing through her nose.

Despite her sickies she is still such a little ray of sunshine, singing and dancing all day, coughing and sniffling between performances. She has always been that way. All this worry keeps me from sleeping. I shake awake at every suspicious noise. I have considered sleeping in her room next to her on the floor, since she refuses to sleep with me in my bed. I wish she would, I would curl up tight against the bed's edge and sleep happy...or happier. I just can't stand having sick babies. I would rather be sick twice as bad and twice as long if it would spare her. So I am going to go back to the doctor, maybe have them switch her antibiotic, culture her mouth, maybe prescribe me a horse tranquilizer so I can get some shut eye.

Friday, September 12

Sunday, September 7

Good Night!

So Mom was mad I didn't do the expected "100 things" post. So I am gonna for her... Am I supposed to write stuff that you don't already know? That is gonna be hard.

1. I dated Nathan twice before the time that led us to marry. I dumped him both times.
2. In Texas I was so lonely, I got pregnant with Claralynne deceptively. Nathan had clearly expressed he didn't want to have children yet, but I took matters into my own hands!!!
3. I love the way acrylic nails look, but I can't stand the way they feel. All nails for that matter, I must always have trimmed nails, or I will bite them off.
4. I am agnostic.
5. I loved every minute of high school, and cried at graduation next to Wade Holbach and Garret Peterson.
6. I had a crush on Garret Peterson and Jeff Scott, from elementary school through High School.
7. I have never told anyone that.
8. I have tried several times to count how many people I have kissed. I have never been able to.
9. I wish I knew how to crochet or knit.
10. I still dream about being on stage and performing. I would continue to try if there was a theater or choir near me.
11. I want a piano.
12. I don't read music.
13. I have a chocolate problem.
14. I own as many books I haven't read, as books I have. In Utah I would buy books I had heard of if I found them at the D.I. so that I could expand my library.
15. I don't like wearing socks.
16. I miss my long hair, and wish I could put it in a pony tail...which is the very reason I cut it in the first place.
17. I am very afraid of December 21st, 2012, because the Aztecs and Mayans thought that was the day of the end of the world.
18. Speaking of the end of the world. This never fails to make me laugh my butt off (warning bad language).
19. I wish I had asked for guitar lessons from my Dad.
20. I plan to become a nurse, and a nurse midwife.
21. I want to home school my kids.
22. I love the game World of Warcraft. I don't have time to play it anymore and I miss it.
23. I am very clumsy, and rarely don't have some kind of burn, cut, or sore.
24. I have a single very coarse hair that grows out of my chin, like a witch.
25. I have read the Twilight series twice this month. I changed my mind Kake, I do love it.
26. My hair was once only slightly wavy, it got curlier and curlier with each pregnancy, now I only wear it curly.
27. I make round, bald babies, like cabbage patch.
28. I am nursng James and I cant type 1 handed ver well..........see.
29. I got many stretch marks from pregnancy, but I don't mind them, I worked hard for them.
30. I live less than an hour from Canada, but have never crossed the boarder.
31. I like to wear bandannas, but I get self conscious that people will think I am trying to be a bad girl, when I am really just trying to keep my hair out of my face.
32. My neck always hurts.
33. I have baby hands, my ring finger is a size 4.
34. My name is a 'male" name, and it means "king of the elves". My ears where type cast.
35. My biggest creepy crawly fears are snakes and spiders. I can't even look at them.
36. I sing all day, to no one and everyone, with music or without it.
37. Smokers are in my top five biggest pet peeves.
38. I want a Harley.
39. Shaving my legs is a monthly to bi-monthly affair, but you can't tell when I am furry, that is why.
40. I am lactose intolerant.
41. I really don't like G.W.B.
42. Brad Pitt is my biggest celebrity crush.
43. I have a tattoo of a treble cleft on my upper back.
44. Nathan is a year younger than me.
45. I really want to go back to New York. I would live there if I could, but only temporarily.
46. Almost half the time, the movie I am buying is one I have never seen.
47. I am sick of this and I am not even half way.
48. I have very fair skin, so I intentionally avoid sun to skin contact, and thus sun burns.
49. I try to never get water in my ears, they don't do well when they get wet.
50. Rubies are my favorite gem.
51. I planned my wedding in two weeks, and called people to see if they wanted to come...
52. I can wiggle my eyes back and forth really fast, it usually generates a very comical reaction from people. Nate can do it too. I saw Karli Osborn do it in 4th grade, then Megan Hannig could do it, so I was determined to learn...It took me until 8th grade.
53. I think I broke my thumb once, I was on my uncles four wheeler and ran into a tree. My thumb has never been able to bend properly since.
54. I used to be a compulsive nail biter, but once I found clippers left me with no hang nails I converted.
56. I talk to my mom on the phone at least 8-10 hours a week...sometimes a LOT more.
57. I was born at home, that is one of the main reasons I homebirth.
58. I have had over 6 moles removed...my Mom removed them all.
59. I have TMJ so bad, the dentist cringed when I showed him how my jaw pops.
60. I have had a miscarriage, 6 months before we got pregnant with Claralynne. It was really difficult at the time, but my chitlens have healed a lot of that pain.
61. I am going to have carpal tunnel when I am done with this.
62. I am in LOVE with my Scentsy flameless candle, I brag about it to all my friends.
63. I am very devoted to breastfeeding. I nursed Clara until she was 15 months, and I hope to nurse James longer.
64. I was nearly 5 months pregnant when I stopped nursing Claralynne. Which means in the last three years I have either been pregnant or nursing.
65. I have never gone skiing or snowboarding, and I lived in Utah most of my life...it is pitiful.
67. I am totally dependent on my laptop.
68. I am excited for the next surgery I will be getting shortly. I will be able to hear again YAY!
69. I often get theme songs from the kids shows on Nick Jr. stuck in my head, so I will be walking around my house singing "Doo DooDoo Doo Doo Dora, Doo DooDoo Doo Doo Dora" under my breath.
70. I was thinking so hard about what to write here just now, I put Clara's pants on James.
71. I was named after this song. It is one of my most favorite songs ever, not just because he sing about me the whole time ;) but it is genuinely beautiful. The day I was born my Dad played it.
72. When I was little I used to go to the church down the street and light fires, I went there so my parents wouldn't know I had played with fire.
73. I sleep very late, it is not unusual for me to still be in bed at 11.
74. When I was a teenager I got in a big time cat fight with my Mom, hair pulling, face slapping and all. I laugh every time I think about it, and it is one of the funniest things my Mom and I have ever done together. We have been best friends ever since.
75. I am crazy about Nathan's dimples, they are very prominent when he plays his saxophone, so when ever I want to kiss his dimples I tell him to "play sax" he squiches up his lips so that his dimples sink in and I kiss em up!
76. From the first time I drove a mustang I have never wanted another car as much.
78. I never wear white because I spill on it every time, without fail.
79. I love green eyes.
80. I dream about my first dog, Zach, coming back from the dead at least once a year.
81. I heavily prefer vegetables to meat.
82. My job as a lifeguard is my favorite thus far (besides motherhood).
83. Water lily is my birth flower, emeralds are my birthstone.
84. I have a picture of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Raphael, signed by the man who was his voice on the T.V. show. My Grandpa Platt got it for me, but it is lost...
85. My belly button is pierced and I really like it, but I wasn't allowed to get it done until my Mom got hers.
86. Are you tired of this yet....I never knew I was so dang boring.
87. I didn't go on a honeymoon, I wish I had.
88. I love to water tube, I will go when ever I get the chance.
89. Law and Order S.V.U. is my most favorite T.V. show.
90. I am a big sissy and cry over a lot of nothing all the time.
91. I want to grow vegetables but I don't know how.
92. I am always trying to be as kind to people as I can, and get angry at myself when I am not as kind as I know I could be.
93. I still get scared of the dark.
94. I don't know exactly how tall I am...5'5''...5'4''...5'3'' it's all the same right?
95. My left breast is bigger than my right, and it really bugs me.
96. I stole my couches...I thought they had been abandoned...
97. I don't know how many times I have watched, Real Genius, Harry Potter, Legend, Willow, Anne of Green Gables, or Pride and Prejudice.
98. When my carpet is dirty I get very annoyed.
99. I love getting mail, even when it is bills, I like mail...
100.To my surprise, I had fun doing this, I hope you had fun reading it.

There ya go Mom and this shall also serve as my Tag Alison, as you can imagine I think I have done the tag and then some....and then some...and then some.

Saturday, September 6


So this is my 100th blog. I started writing here because of my cousin Makayla. I loved her blog and thought it was such a good idea for me, I could post pictures of my little family and give those beloved people, so far away, as big a glimpse into my life as I could. What it has turned into is so much more than I could have anticipated. People not just enjoying what I have to share, but how I share it, my writing. That makes me happier than I can describe. Many blogs I read will list 100 random things about themselves, or 100 things they love, I enjoy reading them, but not writing them so much, especially when I have to go cook dinner. So in recognition of my 100th blog, I want to recognize the few of you who have come here and made blogging such a fun experience for me, those that give me the reason to blog.

Here is to all of you. Thank you,

Mom Dad Shari Kiana Kateka Tazia Makayla Tiffany Aubrey Lise Kristy Megan Mitzi Colette Tawnya Chloe Anna Alison

for motivating me and listening. You make me feel so loved. 100 more to come.

Wednesday, August 27

Blogger Error

In my infuriation about Harry Potter I failed to be clear about it's postponement. It was originally scheduled to come out in November, that was the first postponement, but pushing it to November got it back on track to the series' original release time. The postponement I am angry about it the latest. As I said, in an effort to protect Harry from his actor, Daniel Radcliff's, naked and twisted portrayal of Alan Strang, in the upcoming play Equus, they postponed yet again! They have pushed Harry a full 8 months to July 2009! That is why I am so completely P.O.ed. We crazed Potter fans must wait almost an entire year to see H.B.P. on the silver screen. (Thanks for pointing out my error Kristy!) I don't type well when I am angry. To make things worse I also found out there will be a full 18 months between H.B.P. and the series' finale The Deathly Hollows and another 2 years for the second part! That's right folks, they are splitting up the last book into two movies. Sure sure they say "It's all for the fans! We want to put more of the book into the movies" more like you want to put more money in your pockets.


On a happier note I feel I must write about my recent spoiling by two individuals I call Mom and Dad. While on thier visit with us, they decided since Nathan and I have only one car, the cooped up me, needed some form of trasportation. A few weeks later this arrived in the mail.
I take it out a ton. They got a little sling piece for it so that James can ride in it comfortably and both kids have a great time in it. I have had people pull past us in their car and tell me what a nice "ride" it is. It has a ton of cool conversions you can get for it. Right now I have the jogging wheel for it, but I can buy the bike trailer attachment, strolling wheels for it, I can even get skis for it! It rides very smooth and straight, and I get out a lot more now, which was exactly why my parents wanted it for me. It was a bit over the top, but I couldn't be more grateful!

Then a short while later. I was on the phone with my Mom and told her my blender fell from my cupboard and shattered on the counter. I wasn't too upset, it was only $20.00. I would just go get a new one. I told her I didn't take very good care of it anyways (obviously), because I find myself resenting normal everyday blenders like the one I broke, the kind most people have. I have been spoiled by a good blender. I grew up with a Vita-Mix. My Dad got it as a gift for my Mother one year, she was initially not happy with it because she wanted a LaLane Juicer, but once she discovered what an amazing tool it was she was instantly in love. I have never used a blender as nice, in fact it is so far beyond what people know as a blender, it can hardly be classified as one, it is in a class of its own, the Vita-Mix class. When I had to settle for a normal everyday blender I was saddened, it was so sub par it was barely usable, but I could never afford a Vita-mix so I just had to deal with my Frankenblender. Well after finding out my blender got busted, Mom and Dad took some initiative. Two days ago, I saw the UPS man walking away from my doorstep, my Mom had let me know my early Christmas gift was on its way, and I knew this must be it. All I could do was scream when I saw the box with Vita-Mix in big bold letters on it.

I am so spoiled.

Next post will be my 100th! I am planning something special, I am still working it out, but I will post it soon. Keep your eyes out for it!

Tuesday, August 26


Heather is a flower, that's home is in Scotland. It is known for its subtle beauty and delicacy. A dainty flower, almost shy, its scent has been described as light and magical.

When pregnant with her second baby, my Mother decided that Jesse would be the perfect name should the baby be a girl. When my sister was born, she could not have been further from that name. Jesse, was too harsh, too strong a name for such delicacy. And so my parents spent those first days adoring their beautiful, dainty baby, they called "baby". For three days they tossed this and that about, nothing fit, nothing was light enough, gentle enough. When the name Heather came to mind, thoughts of the quite flower filled my parents, and they new she had been Heather all along.

Today we all know a name could not be more perfect for any individual, as Heather is the perfect name for my sister. If you were to describe that flower as you looked at her, you would be describing both at once.

Her heart is wounded today. My eyes brim with tears, knowing the hurt she feels right now. I want to be there for her, as her older sister. I want to do what God intended me to do when he created sisters. I want to offer up my shirt for her to sop with tears. I want to cry them with her. I want to lay in bed, and play with her hair, tickle her back, eat endless cartons of ice cream, help her to mend. She has to sew herself up, she has to do it without any pain medication or numbing solution. She has to take her needle and thrust it into her fleshy wound to bring the edges back together, stitch by stitch. How much easier would it be to leave it alone, to lay defeated and bleed out every drop of pain, sorrow, fear and love, until there was nothing left to cry over? To surrender. But she wont, under those delicate petals is a woman, strong and brave. She will fix herself up, she will have hardly a scar, and her magical scent, will enchant some one new.

Love you...

Saturday, August 23


I am certain I have written about beauty before, there is so much in my life. Naturally I find the most beauty in my children. They fill up my whole life, my whole heart. I wonder how I can help them to be happy. How can I ensure they will be good people? I can put good food in their bellies, I can wrap my arms around them, kiss them, tell them they are my everything, I can be the best Mother I know how to be, everyday. Will it be enough? Will that help them be as beautiful as they are now, for all their lives, inside? How do I protect them from the terrible things in this world, and show them all the wonder it has as well? Can I help them find their dreams? Will loving them more than myself, more than I have ever loved, be enough?

I hope so.