Saturday, January 12

One of Each!

We are having a boy! It just goes to show that prayer works. Maybe it seems like a silly thing to pray for, but we so wanted a boy, Nate especially. It was a lot of fun finding out, the tech had been doing it for 25 years, but even without her expertise it was very obvious even to us. He looks very healthy. We couldn't be happier!
Boy parts.

Thursday, January 10

Long awaited

My sister-in-law (Nathan's older sister) and her husband have been struggling for over two years to have a baby. They have gone through all sorts of fertility treatments. It has made it very difficult to tell her when I am pregnant. I always feel guilty, what makes me so different from her? She would be just as wonderful a mother, maybe better. She wants it just as much, probably more. Why has God decided to make bearing children so difficult for her? They decided a little while ago to start the adoption process. They went to the church for help, and then the waiting started. They did their waiting, but not for too long.

About a month ago they got news that a young mother was hoping to find a family for her daughter due in March. My sister and brother-in-law went to Idaho and met with her, after that the wheels were in motion and they would get to bring their new little girl home soon.

Spencer was born today. He is 7 weeks weeks early, and he turned out not to be a she. He will be in the NICU for about 4 weeks, they are hoping to transfer him from Idaho down to Salt Lake. They sent me these first pictures.

I just keep thanking God. They deserve a family, they have waited and tried for so long. I finaly feel at peace, like the guilt I have felt getting to be a Mother when she can't, is all gone. They have finaly started their family. They deserve it.

Wednesday, January 9

Do you have a car? Cause I sure don't!

Still no car. When we got to Enterprise to rent a was closed. So we drove the 100 miles to Traverse in our handicap car going 45 the whole way trying to keep the R.P.M's down so the car wouldn't clank really loud and then die. This made the two hour trip, a three and a half hour trip, and an extremely stressful one at that. If you had seen our faces at the end of the drive you have thought we had been undergoing chinese water tourture the entire time. If the car decided to go out while we where driving it, the likely senario is that the engine would just quit, disconcerting but not fatal, however there is a chance that the car could burst into flames. SO, not really being fond being stranded hours from home or being on fire, the trip was unpleasant at best. We clung to the happiness that we would be leaving our car troubles behind us once we arrived and bought the car we went to look at...which didn't happen, for a lot of reasons I wont go into. So we wound up driving our quadrapalegic car back home in worse condition than it was on the drive there, which made the stress from that trip look like a joy ride. Now it is getting to the point where our lives are carrying on without us, I have doctors appointments and grocery shopping to do all with no car. So we are hitching a ride back to Petoskey on Friday for my prenatal appointment and ultra sound, and we will try to squeeze some car shopping in, hopefully we will come home with one this time. If not...hmm I haven't really gotten that far yet.

On the bright side, I do have my ultra sound on Friday and we will be finding out what kind of baby we have, sausage or taco. That will be fun!