Friday, January 25


My daughter has her own language. We have named it Claralese. Sometimes Nate and I can manage to repeat what she says. Sometimes it is in such a high register with such strange and unheard of consonants and syllables all Nate and I can do is look at each other and....??? What was that? Did you get that? Most of the time we are both rolling with laughter. For a long time depending on the phrase, we have called it by other languages, more guttural sentences would be German or Russian, when higher "tickie tootie ta ti ta" are more Chinese and Japanese, but with the entrance of all the unidentifiable new phrases and sounds we then decided it is all her own. Claralese. She doesn't just talk her own language though. She says Mommy, Daddy (especially Daddy) hi, bu bye, na night, and she has started to say peese (please), da do (thank you), ahnie (?...Claralese...?) and nu nu (pee you! Diaper changes) while she holds her nose ;) hehe that is my favorite. She is just so darn smart and blonde, have I mentioned how I love her blonde locks? She has never had much hair but it has always been the same shade of blonde and floaty feathery, she looks like a pixie. Her ears are just like mine they stick out just so, and come to a point. I always tell her how pixie she is. She is talking on the phone now, to someone who must speak Claralese "ahhh ga do byee ya go dy no no no ya go bee", she just told them bu bye. What a cutie!

Sunday, January 20

"You have never seen me very angry".

I truly don't like to post anything negative on this blog. I feel that if I try to be as positive as I can, find the positive in my days, even if there isn't much sunshine there, I should write about that instead of the negative. Doing that forces me to feel the positive, because I must read what I write. I wont sting with words, but I would like to share some words I am feeling towards a situation that has unfolded in the past few days for my family.


I can't think of anymore, though I am certain they are there.

I can't stand it when people take things for granted (I want to say hate, but I try to avoid that word). I especially can't stand it when people take things for granted that I really appreciate. When they disregard something I would kill to have. In this case what is being disregarded and taken for granted are the members of my family. I would go to the ends of the Earth to have them, but that doesn't seem to matter to some people. It makes me want to take them away from people who don't deserve them. You should have to earn the right to have them everyday, they should never doubt how much they mean, how important they are, how deserving they are. I can't stand people who take my family for granted. They don't deserve them. I would spend everyday making sure they new how much I appreciate them, for just being who they are, just for being in my life. I can't stand it, I want to kick and hit and scream.

I really don't like to be negative on this blog. But I get a bit "Incredible Hulk" when it comes to my family, and how they are treated.