Friday, February 1

Hubby Quiz.

This is going around, I read it on my cousin Aubrey's site, and 5 minutes later I read it on Kateka's. I thought it was cute so I am here to fill you in a little about Nate.
Wonderful Husband Quiz...
What is his name? He has a few. DADDY!!! Nate, Nathan, Hatch, SK3 Hatch and Petty Officer Hatch.
How long did you date? That depends on where start. If you count from the VERY begining then we dated on and off for about four years. But if you count from our most recent attempt that finally lead to us to the bliss of marriage...then we dated a year before getting married.
How old is he? He turned 23 three days ago.
Who eats more? Usually him, but I am six months pregnant, so we eat about the same amount.
Who said I love you first? We kind of both did, we were at Chile's and I said "I think I might be falling in love with you" and he said "I think I might be falling in love with you too". So kind of me.
Who is taller? He is a good six inches taller than me.
Who sings better? Well I have been singing a LONG time and have had training, so I am a little better but he has a really nice voice.
Who is smarter? Well that depends, If you want your paper writen well, give it to me, he will spell "much" "mutch" (hehehehehe he did it over and over in his letters to me from boot camp, I LOVE IT!) but if you want to pass your Algebra test give it to him I will most definatly earn you a D or lower.
Who does the laundry? That is my job.
Who pays the bills? Well he makes the money so he GETS the bills payed but I physically go into our account and pay them.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do.
Who mows the lawn? Nate does the mowing (THANK HEAVENS! I hate to mow)Who cooks dinner? That is also my job, I have gotten quite good at it too, I really like to cook!
Who drives? Nate doesn't let me drive, if I want to I have to hurry to the car and jump into the drivers seat and then sit and argue with him "get out Aub, I am gonna drive" "No I am already here, I want to drive" "But you will kill us" "well I am not gonna get any better at driving if you never let me do it"
Who is more stubborn? He says me, I say him. I am loud in your face stubborn, he is quitely stubborn.
Who kissed who first? I really had to convince him to kiss me, the tension was terrible I wanted him to kiss me SO BAD. I can't remember exactly how it went I was 16, but I do remember saying "trust your instinct" and then he finaly overcame his jitters and kissed was a good kiss too!
Who asked who out first? He asked me out, we went and saw a very cute movie called "Just Visiting".
Who Proposed? We both decided to get married, then we went and bought our rings together, and then he just sat on mine ring FOREVER it was TORTURE! Finaly I had to BEG him to propose, so he did. I win.
Who is more sensitive? Me for sure. Me doubley so when pregnant.
Who has more siblings? Nate by two, I have one brother and one sister, he has two brothers and two sisters.
Who wears the pants? We take turns.

Thursday, January 31

Feelin' Smart.

I admit and accept I am a bit of a ditz. I also understand that pregnancy makes a lot of women "absent minded" or in my case more absent minded.

I have had trouble with the doors in my house, some of them are liars. They will open up to let you out, but really be locked. When we were first moved in I locked myself out of the front door a few times, eventually I got wise to it and I now check to make sure it is unlocked before I go out it. The laundry room door is one of the liar doors. I don't really think it needs to be locked but Nate is a super guy and wants to keep his family safe, so he locks it.

Today I really let my inner ditz shine. I went out the laundry room door to go get the mail, came back up through the garage and was stopped at my deceiving laundry room door. No big deal, I had my winter gear on, I ran through the snow around the house to let myself in through the back door, it was unlocked from letting the dog out earlier. After that, I changed a poopie diaper and went out the laundry room door again to throw it away in the garage garbage. Come back through the mud room and I am stopped for the second time in 5 minutes at the laundry room door. Unfortunately, I am not so well prepared this time. No coat, no shoes! No, I had taken them off from the last time I went out. So I ran around the house bare footed and uncoated to get in through the back door again. I went directly to the laundry room and unlocked the liar door. Maybe it is time to get wise to this door now.


I think this is a cute kid!

Tuesday, January 29

My Cute Family!

The Cell Phone Vs. The Ice Tray

I sit in my recliner, my cell phone's death warning chime rings clear. I do not budge and my cell phone dies.

Nathan goes to the kitchen, he removes the ice tray from the freezer and refills his drink. The ice tray sits empty on the counter.

At the end of the evening on our way to bed, I take all the dishes to the kitchen, he gathers up the cell phones.

I stop in the kitchen, annoyed.

He stops at my cell phone, annoyed.

I fill up the ice tray and place it in the freezer.

Nathan plugs in my dead cell phone.

We meet in the hallway and glare at each other...glaring...glaring.

These are the things we will not do for ourselves, but will, in an annoyed state, do for each other. Theses are the beauties and quirks of marriage.