Friday, February 29

Where I see Beautiful

This is a beautiful compilation of homebirth photographs. There is also some wonderful information worked into the video.

There are images of birth, and they are not work friendly, also if you are sensitive you may not want to view it.

I am a DEM! (Direct Entry Marketer) hehe :P

Ok, here is the schedule for viewing The Business of Being Born in theaters.

I am going to do a little marketing for Netflix and tell you this; Netflix has a free two week trail!!! That is the only place the film is availiable outside theaters right now. If you feel inclined enough to see the film, but it has already come through a city near you, or if you are like me and the screening is in a city hours away, Netflix is how I would go about seeing it. With your free trial you will be able to order the film so you can watch it in your DVD player after it comes in the mail, or if you have a good enough internet connection, you can watch it online like I did.

If you wait for the large public release you will be waiting until May 6. You can go here and reserve a copy, I was just not patient enough to wait that long, once I found out I could see it immediately.

The plus side to your free two week trail with Netflix, is that if you love getting mail like I do, and you love movies as much as I do, you will love Netflix, and maybe you will want to keep it! I pay $16.99 a month and get unlimited rentals, 3 movies out at a time, with unlimited online viewing.

So this is my first taste of being a DEM! I don't think I like Direct Entry Marketing quite as much as I would like being a midwife.

DEM (really) = Direct Entry Midwife

Thursday, February 28

The Business of Being Born

If you are reading this, most of you know I am a bit of a homebirth/natural birth freak. I read homebirth statistics in my spare time. I am a regular reader of the birth blogs you can access on the left of the screen. I was born at home, my Brother and Sister were born at home, I had Clara at home, I am going to have James at home, and I am in rigorous pursuit of midwifery.

I heard about The Business of Being Born about a month ago, and I have been very impatiently waiting to see it ever since. It is currently in select theaters in major cities, but nothing remotely close to where I am. It is being released for purchase next month, and that is what I have been waiting for.

I read today on a birth blog ( I haven't added to my list yet ) that it is available to view online for Netflix customers. Well there are no video rental places within 20 miles of Nate and I, so we do Blockbuster through the mail. Being so anxious to see this movie I went to check Netflix out, see if maybe it is worth it to switch, then I could watch The Business of Being Born! Well it was worth it to switch, and to my ecstatic disbelief I was able to watch it.

This is what I want to say. I know about a handful of people who read my blog, I say, I beg this of them, and anyone else who stumbles upon this post. Please, please, please, see this movie. Just click on the multiple links I have given you and just watch the trailer. It will take you two minutes. Every single person who is or may, have children, or who knows someone who may have children, needs to know this information. There is absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Even if homebirth is something you would never dream of doing, woman who birth in hospitals, birth centers, in the home with midwives, unassisted homebirths, woman who want Cesarean Sections, epidurals, those who don't, husbands, Aunts, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, anyone, should know the information in this movie.

I hope you take this step towards such invaluable information. I hope you keep an open mind. I hope so many things for this documentary, and the people who see it. I hope you see it.

Monday, February 25


This is the birth pool I will be using for James' birth. I had really wanted to rent one when I was pregnant with Claralynne, but it cost $250.00. This time my midwife owns one, and she rents it for $100.00. That is much more doable, and she tacked the price of renting the pool, on to her total costs. We also had to pay her a little extra for gas because she lives so far away, 2 and a half hours! I trek down to Traverse City, where she lives, monthly. It is a loooong drive for an hour prenatal, but she is worth it! She was the better of the two midwives I spoke with, the other lady lived about an hour away but she didn't give me a good vibe, so I chose Kathi.

The pool is really neat. It is soft, so it is comfy to relax onto. That was one of my complaints about being in the bathtub. The water was soothing, but the tub itself being so rigid and narrow made it uncomfortable. Also, the water only covered my back, I tried to position myself on my side but it only submerged half my belly, my head would go under water and half my back came out of the water. So laying in the tub on my back was the only position I could do. I wanted to be buoyant, float, take the weight of the baby and my body off, I will be able to do that is this. It also has a heater so the water stays warm. I am hoping it will help. Labor is pretty tough! Anything that might help is something to look forward to.

The other night I had dream that we got one of those blow up fishy pools for the birth, and forgot about it. It got left in the middle of the garage all blown up and ready to go. I was so disappointed and confused as to why I had forgotten it. I think because of the dream, I will be extra cautious and get the pool up and ready a bit before I am due. I think I will set it up in front of our sliding glass door. I remember during the last little bit of labor with Claralynne, I was in front of our sliding glass door. I was on my hands and knees leaning on one of our couch pillows. Between pushes, I would look outside, the sun had just come up, I could see birds flying and hear them singing, feel the warm sun on my face, and I thought "what a beautiful day to have a baby". The view out of my sliding glass door here is much better than it was in Texas, there are so many trees in our back yard. My parents talk about my May birth, they could hear the neighbors mowing the lawn, it was a bright beautiful day to have a baby, I hope James' May birth will be the same!