Tuesday, March 4

Even Though I Hate to Clean

Mitzi tagged me because she wants to know what my top 5 cleaning products are, so...

5. Clorox Anywhere - This is a nice product because like the commercial says, it is gentle, I don't worry about spraying this on Clara's high chair tray. It doesn't have strong fumes, you would hardly know you are using bleach.

4. Swiffer Wet- I like, so many I know, am slightly revolted by traditional mops, I never feel I have properly cleaned my floor when using one. So I use these, they smell fresh, and I just toss them when I am done. The only drawback is that I usually have to use more than one pad. I am thinking of upgrading to a wet jet mop.

3. Gain - I love the smell of Gain, particularly Joyful Expressions. My whole house smells pretty when I am doing laundry!

2. Folex - Introduced to me by my Mother, this is a miracle product. Little did my Mother know when she introduced it to me, that my next few houses would have very light carpet. Why? Do you ask, are the housing people so dumb they put off white carpets in government housing? I haven't the slightest, with spots are everywhere, all I have to do is spray this on the spot, swish it around some, then dab it up. The spot is gone! I recently spent about an hour on my hands and knees, spraying, swishing and dabbing, I swished my poor middle finger bleeding and raw, but my carpet looks %110 better!

1. Pampers Swipers - And this is my #1 most used, most appreciated, most favorite cleaning product. I buy them in bulk. I must tackle some astounding messes daily, and these do the job better than the rest. I don't waste my money on the cheap-o wipes, I know you get what you pay for. Flimsy wipes are a recipe for a very messy not so clean, clean up. They are gentle and never cause rash, they are thick and can handle even the most outrageous concoctions my daughter produces. Thank Heavens for Pampers Swipers!

And so I tag: Mom, Colette, Megan, Kateka, Kristy, and Tawnya, (unless you are busy snuggling little newborn Spencer! Which I suspect is the case!)