Monday, April 7


This morning I went to retrieve my mail, and I wore no shoes outside!!! This is so very exciting! I can't open my windows for too long else it gets nippy inside, but when I do, I hear the birds singing outside. In fact a few days ago I thought the happy sounds must be coming from the television, and I had to go outside to make sure, once out there I sat on my porch grinning ear to ear, listening to all the birds so happy to return. The sun has not stopped shining for days, instead of snow there is rain. It is the return of warmth! I have been through almost an entire Michigan year, and I think I can say, I enjoy many things more here than in Texas, but the weather... I will take a Northern Michigan winter over a Southern Texas summer any day! Does than seem strange? I think it is because I am used to the winter, Utah winters are not nearly as severe but winter is still pretty...wintry.

Having the sunny days, makes me excited for so many things I bought basil, oregano, rosemary seeds, and some tiny planters to put them in. I am just hoping they will bud in the next few days so I can trasplant them into the pretty planter I have for them that I have displayed, empty. I have them in my kitchen's beautiful bay window, it has been empty far too long. I figured some nice Italian herbs would not only look beautiful, but would be really yummy to cook with! Freshest of fresh! I am also going to revamp my yard once all the snow is melted and the ground is soft again. I am going to put some flowers out front and get some veggies going out back. What is it about growing up that makes you want to grow things? I never wanted to play in the garden with my Mom when I was little" do chores for fun, what is up with you Mom?"

And very most exciting, with the sunny days comes new life in nature, you see it everywhere, budding cherry trees, blossoming flowers, but this year it also brings new life right into my home! As the flowers grow, so shall my family. Though it seems hardly possible, I am looking forward to the day I go into labor! I am excited for the actual labor experience, even though it is probably the most pain ever to get smashed into a few hours, enough work to fill up entire months, it is a time you know you are alive, a time when you know what a miraculous task your body is doing, what an amazing event is taking place. A new person will soon be born, someone, who a year ago, did not even exist, a person who has been growing inside me, will make their debut.

It is no wonder I want to plant things.