Wednesday, April 16

Junk Noise

I acquired a sunburn today. I am not upset in the least, it was so wonderful to be outside. My neighbor, her two kids, Claralynne, and I have all been outside enjoying the change in weather for the past three days. Yesterday and the day before were still a bit chilly and Claralynne's hands got pretty cold, but today I bundled her up only to remove layer after layer, my own layers also came off, and though I was concerned enough to sunscreen Clara, I didn't myself, I am only a little pink on my right arm (so, no need to freak Mom).

On a completely different note, I have noticed something about myself in the past little while. I hate, what I have come to call junk noise, particularly fans. The fan in two of my bathrooms turns on when you turn the light on, there is no way to turn it off, and I find myself peeing and bathing in the dark most of the time, just to avoid the intrusive sound. I have a very hard time with my dishwasher and the oven fan, Nathan's computer is very loud and it's housed right behind my T.V. chair, drives me nuts when it is on. I once did not understand why the common background noises bothered me so, but after giving it some thought I realized it is because I am so dang deaf, I can't hear anything when there is junk noise going. These type of things make me so hopeful that this next operation on my ear, coming late this summer, will be the final one. I have had four previous tympanoplasties, the next will be my fifth, I am quite tired of all this nonsense concerning my ears and will be glad to be rid of it.

I am at the moment 34 weeks along...I don't know how many months that is, I would have to look it up. But is means that the day is closing in, with only 6 weeks left! I can't wait to have a little baby butt around again! It took a while to get over the shock of unplanned pregnancy, but I am so ready to meet this sweet little boy. Also, I am so so so terribly...ya know excited just isn't the heart aches for my parents to get here. I will see them everyday for two weeks! It has been a year since I saw them last. That is far to long to go without seeing someone you love. I hope when Nathan's enlistment is up, we will get out of the Coast Guard and go home, even if I don't see my family everyday, every month is better than once a year. What I wouldn't give to see them every month. *Sigh*

P.S. My fingers are beginning to swell, I will soon have to remove my rings, what a sad day that will be, and my water retention will only continue to move down hill. This last bit of pregnancy...boy is can try your patients.

Sunday, April 13


I had to steal this from one of my midwife bloggers, Navalgazing.

Oh what a world.