Thursday, April 24

Are we there yet?

I had a prenatal appointment Tuesday, it was a long drive, Clara threw up big time on the way there. It was the best driving weather thus far, yet managed to be the worst trip, go figure. So I have decided not to take her with me anymore, I shall be taking advantage of kind neighbors, and pawning her off as much as I can. I have one more 2 week appointment and then I start going every week, that is a lot of driving, and a lot of pukage possibilities, I would rather not chance it.

At the appointment all was pretty well. I am 35 weeks on Saturday, I haven't gained very much weight, only about 17 pounds. I gained 40 pounds with Claralynne? So Kathi wants me to do another meal diary, to make sure I am getting enough. I really suck at them, I always forget to do it, this time I am going to document things on the computer, maybe that will help. I also had a low iron count, I sort of figured I did because I am always winded, even going up the stairs is tiring sometimes, my good friend Stephanie is always saying that is is probably because I am low on iron, so she was right. I went and got a liquid iron rich supplement called Folidex, that reminds me of drinking orange flavored blood. Heavens knows what the extra iron is going to do for my already extremely painful hemorrhoids.

Here's to pregnancy!