Saturday, May 3

Picture Perfect

This is what she does with her fuzzy blanket fluffs, she puts them in her nose, just like her Daddy did when he was little.

Nate snapped this one. This defines the term "picture perfect" in my book! Spaghetti is yummy!

Friday, May 2

Here ya go!

I just can't believe how long my hair is! I am 36 weeks, or 8 1/2 months!


After my unknown sickness and all the abdominal pain I went through, I decided that a fiber supplement may be a good idea. Benefiber is all that it says it is, tasteless, not gritty, really a great product. It is also very sticky and difficult to clean up. This actually happened a little while ago, I am just really bad at uploading pictures to the computer because my camera doesn't always work. I was on the phone with my Mom when my lovely child got into it. I could sense something was going on, whenever she is up to something particularly splendid, the house goes into "it is too quite" mode. I wanted to explain to my Mother what had happened, but I was laughing too hysterically.

It really was very funny, until I tried to clean up what had been moistened, and slathered all over my furniture.

Wet fiber is the stickiest substance on Earth, boogers, rubber cement, super glue, they have nothing on slobbery fiber. It took some serious scrubbing to get it off her.

My Mom is on my tail for me to post some current belly pictures, so I will post again, later today when Nathan is home to snap some. I am 36 weeks, and have 3.5-4 more left!

Sunday, April 27

Worry Wart

I have an inability to release stress. If there is a stress that warrants a reasonable amount of thought, I give it my all. I don't half ass or neglect my stress, I give it my full undivided 24/7 attention. I am so devoted to the stress, I walk the very fine line that is my sanity. The stress occupies my every thought, my daily plans, my level of activity. I wish desperately for the power to divert myself, think of something else. The silly thing is, I know that my maniacal stressing does not solve or change anything. For some reason I have a die hard need to break things down, over and over and over, until I have traveled every avenue in Stress City, mapped out the landmarks, and recorded each street, route and shortcut into my portable GPS system, for ease of reference during my 3-4 nightly pee breaks. The condition is so severe I have considered seeking therapy, or yoga instruction. Goodness knows, something must be done.