Friday, May 16


Thinking about going through all old posts and taking a sick tally from the last 9 months. Thankful, yet again, for Vicks nasal spray, or I would not sleep even more.

I am on the countdown to being on the countdown. Technically, I do not want to be on it quite yet, but I will be happy to begin once Mom and Dad arrive. I may start counting down once I get my tub on Tuesday, just because I am so pregnant tired, I think it would be fine to have Gigantor any time after that. I will however, indifferently put up with a few extra pregnant days to wait for Mom and Dad.

*Side note to He Who Is Really In Charge: Do not want to be in labor while Mom and Dad are in transit...that would be stressful, so ixnay on the 23rd, that is, if you are taking requests Sir Kixalot.

Monday, May 12

More Like Her

I thought I would take this time, though it is a day late, and tell you about my Mom. If you know her, I need not tell you what a great woman she is. Like most great Moms, she works harder than she usually needs to, she is brave, strong, and she fights for those she loves and what she believes in. Though these wonderful qualities are worth writing about, I want to let you in on a few little things about her that make me smile, make her special, make her mine.

She wears red Crocs to work. They have all sorts of little decorations on them, Tinkerbell, her name, every time I put on my own Crocs, or see them on someone else I think of her. I think, she is probably working hard in those shoes at that very moment. She gets lots of comments on them, and I know that makes her happy. She is easy to please.

She never likes her hair, even though it always looks wonderful. It shines and has a sway about it. You can tell her anything about how great it looks, she will believe you, but only for a brief time. Sooner or later, she will find some flaw in it, hesitantly go to the hair dresser, who will usually make her like it even less, but she will look even better. She has always been beautiful.

She is a cup snob. If you take the ice out of the freezer, fill her cup with it, fill the cup with the beverage you intend for her to drink and hand it to her, she will not touch the blasphemous thing, she will stare at you until you realize what a cup snob she is, and go dump the drink into a glass. It does not matter you are dirtying more dishes for my Dad to jigsaw into the dishwasher, she must have all beverages in a glass. She is just a little bit quirky.

She has unknown numbers of purses and handbags. She keeps them tucked away for special occasions, or tucks them away for good. She has been known to buy them monthly, sometimes bi-monthly, sometimes more. She will love one for a little while, but it will eventually be the worst purse yet and she will have to go purchase another. It will be too big, or too small, or she will never be able to find her cell phone in it. I have always teased that she is a bag lady, but really she just wants to be organized and stylish.

She sleeps with her thumb in between her fingers. She will tell you as a little girl she would see her Mom do this and was inclined to copy. You know she is asleep or is almost asleep if her thumb has found this position. She is very peaceful when she sleeps, though she furls her brow ever so slightly because of persistent neck pain, and snores just a little.

No one else does all these silly little things. People who haven't been with her all the time, would never know them. That is why these things are so wonderful. Many I have come to mirror in some form, I like when I find I am becoming more like her.

Mom and Me