Thursday, July 3

Fat Baby

We took James in for his six week check up with our midwife Kathi. He is big, let me just say that. They put him in the scale, Rory (one of Kathi's apprentices) lifts him and says "he is off the scale", over 12 pounds. I shutter to think what an enormus child he would have been had he gone all the way to 40 weeks. He is thick, not petite like my girl was, which back then was not a way I would have described her, but by comparison she was. His sholders are big, his chest is big, his legs are rolly, his arms are rolly he has more chins than a Chinese phonebook, even his fingers are fat. I love a fat baby, and I have considered devouring him more than once! He is also very strong, he has been lifting his head for weeks and about 2-3 weeks ago he started lifting his chest as well, pushing up with his arms and lifting his body to get a good look at Mama! Kathi felt he was more like a 8-9 week old baby. I am just so dang proud. Claralynne is also quite adorable, she is learning new words nearly everyday, I am certain we will be having sophisticated conversations soon.I also cut my hair, it isn't a very good picture because I took it myself, when someone takes a picture of me I will post it and I am sure it will be better.