Friday, July 25

Off Again

Written July 22, 2008

We got back yesterday from the Hatch Reunion, held just outside of Bryce Canyon. This is the second time I have attended the Hatch reunion and I have yet to see Bryce, no one else wanted to go, despite knowing I have never been, and wanted to go... Who's vacation is this? Going, was a lot more work than play. We drove five hours down, checked into our motel, slept, woke up and went to the campsite, I nursed James, chased Clara, nursed, snacked, chased, nursed, snacked, chased, got Clara to sleep after trying unsuccessfully a handful of times, just in time to wake her up to go back to the motel, sleep, wake up and go to the reunion church thingy, and drive home for five hours...

Now I am in the car again headed to is a three hour drive. We will be heading home at noon tomorrow...

I need a vacation.

Here and There

Written July 18, 2008

I am currently in the car on my way to Bryce Canyon. Nathan left yesterday afternoon, it has been over a year since I have gone a full 24 hours without seeing him. I sort of miss him, I have been feeling like a hug and a kiss. I remember a time when I didn't even feel a single day, 2 days was ok, by the third I was ready for him to come home, but I was fine. My life was consistently half with Nathan there and half with him gone. I can hardly believe that is how we spent our first married years, that I managed to stay sane.

I keep telling Diane, "all of my things are in Michigan, my car, my couches, but I feel like I have come home. I will be leaving here to go on an extended vacation in Michigan." There are places in the Valley that are not the nicest, it is very congested. The air, the cities are tightly packed. The congestion has led to the development of places that were barren 7 years ago. Fields with long lines of sprinkling systems once reigned supreme, now they have been overthrown by pretty cookie cutter communities, with names like "DayBreak" and "Legacy". The only thing to harvest is large amounts of stucco. My Dad called it years ago, I didn't believe him then.

Despite it's tendency to overpopulate, I still love Utah. I love knowing where I am going, where I can find the nearest Auto Zone or swimming pool. I love the mountains triple times. I love the crisp grass, and the sage brush. I love the people I have gotten to see, my Kelly and Megan, seeing our new nephew Spencer for the first time, his animated face blowing bubbles. Kiana a Mom at last, at last. Rubbing Shari's belly and loving up little Bree in there as much as I can, who knows when I will get to see her. And Lisa, my Barnes family, my second family. How tall all her sweet munchkins have gotten, so like their Dad that way. I can see them clear as day, well spoken three year old, blondie in pig tails, baby boy with the chubbiest kissable cheeks ever, it wasn't so long ago was it?

In the long run Utah is like a big gift wrapped up with almost all the things inside I love best, every single day is better than Christmas. Soon I will get to hand over my children to their proud Aunt, Uncle, Grammy and Grampa J, they have all ached so to see them. I feel so blessed to have gotten to come home and see so much, feel so much. Yet I am sad such normal things are luxuries.