Tuesday, July 29

More Than One Way to Read a Book

A few years ago I was quietly admiring my Father-in-Law's new PDA. He was scrolling through different programs, showing off it's capabilities (he has always been a bit of an electronics nut), filing through different documents, a note about this, an article about that, the entire Bible... "veeery nifty!" I thought to myself. He showed me how he could highlight passages, bookmark pages. Why I would ever need an entire book stored on any electronic device escaped me, but nifty all the same. Little did I know, a few years down the line I would be stranded, on what might as well be a deserted island - devoid of any reasonably sized book stores. Book stores that never ran out of the hottest titles being devoured by bookworms everywhere, bookworms like me.

So fast forward, me, here, in the desolate U.P. consumed by the all too popular Twilight Saga!!! (I don't love it either Kake, but I agree it is highly entertaining) My reading habits are such that I finish most books quite quickly. When it is a series, I get a good momentum going, if I pause for too long between books, I will lose that momentum, and get rapped back up in my life - as it should be. But then I am constantly annoyed by skipping out on the story, and being in the dark about how it ends. Point in case, His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. I began the series a short time before the release of The Golden Compass Movie. I checked out the first book from the library, but they did not have the second book in when I finished the first. I went to the bookstore for it, but they only had the combined version of the series, the entire thing in one book, I wanted separate books if I was going to buy it, don't ask me why, I am just fickle like that. Having put off finishing the series, when dear husband got me the combined version for Christmas, I was unable to sink back in. I have picked at it, like a bothersome scab, but never gotten serious. That annoys me.

Awareness of this tendency made me quite urgent when I finished Twilight. I was unsurprisingly unable to locate A copy of New Moon within 45 miles of me. I thought back to dear Ted, and his nifty electronic book, what a great idea! So I found the site ebooks.com and purchased New Moon to read online or download to my computer! I purchased it yesterday evening and I just finished, (told you I read fast). I am now hyper aware of my silly ways and need to get started on the next book, which I will also be reading on my laptop. Given my limited novelties I feel quite resourceful, and Earth friendly!