Friday, August 8

Potty, Olympics, & Bread

Most super duper of the day for sure was Claralynne PEED IN THE POTTY!!!! Woohooo!!!! Not just once TWICE!!!! I was nearly in tears with excitement and was in such violent celebration, Claralynne stood there wide eyed, in obvious confusion about my strange and loud behavior. She eventually caught on and we both partied in the bathroom for a few minutes, after which I promptly swept her up and gave her a red popcicle.

I will be keeping a sharp eye on the Olympics, this is the first year I feel strongly drawn so many events. I keep acquiring sports to watch. I have always watched gymnastics because my Mom was a gymnast back in Jr. High and High school. She always insisted on yelling at the girls to "point!", "stick it!", "up up up!!!" it was always fun. Then I married Nate, him and all his siblings are swimmers, so I now must follow Phelps and scream "go go go go go!!!!" to be sure he hears me clearly and knows I fully expect him to bring home the Gold for every single event he swims!!! Last Summer Olympics I got on board the Misty and Kerri boat, had a ton of fun watching the two of them work together, they gave me a new appreciation for volleyball. Diving will be a first this year, but after seeing what a great diver my sweet sis-in-law, Mary, is I just gotta watch that now. So I will be a bonafied couch potato for the next two weeks. I am looking much forward to it.

I made three loaves of bread today. Two wheat, and a white. They are very yummy, and are soul mates to the strawberry freezer jam I made a few days ago. I have been so blessed to have been given the opportunity to experience pregnancy, too many women out there never get to, but I am so glad to have the energy to cook and clean and be a normal Mom again.

Thursday, August 7

Rain, Rain

Today marks the beginning of the end.

The end of Summer.

Today it rained for the first time since the beginning of summer, it was very cold rain. The storm was brief, but it was enough to mark the day. Summer lasts from the end of June to the beginning of August. July and a half month, is the entire Summer. Soon the water will turn black and freeze, the needle wind will return. The biter cold will last for months and months. The winter is king here. I will buy us new coats, we will use them to get from the car to whatever heated building we are headed towards. The coats will not be used to play, snowmen should be made from snow, not small children. I will pray for the Ice Gods to have mercy on the poor citizens of Northern Michigan and the U.P. but they are cruel Gods, and I feel they take pleasure in the cold and freezing. I will turn the heaters back on, we will stay warm and safe in our home, Nathan and I will play rock, paper, scissors to see who will suffer the cold for Subway. We will become like bears, and hibernate in our heated cave home.

Goodbye outdoors.
Goodbye warm outdoors.
Until next year.