Saturday, August 23


I am certain I have written about beauty before, there is so much in my life. Naturally I find the most beauty in my children. They fill up my whole life, my whole heart. I wonder how I can help them to be happy. How can I ensure they will be good people? I can put good food in their bellies, I can wrap my arms around them, kiss them, tell them they are my everything, I can be the best Mother I know how to be, everyday. Will it be enough? Will that help them be as beautiful as they are now, for all their lives, inside? How do I protect them from the terrible things in this world, and show them all the wonder it has as well? Can I help them find their dreams? Will loving them more than myself, more than I have ever loved, be enough?

I hope so.

Monday, August 18


Warner Bros. is in the dog house. In fact that is putting it very lightly. Today I found enraging news. Warner Bros. has postponed Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. In following suit the films should be released yearly. The Order of the Phoenix debuted last July, so the release of Half Blood Prince should have come this July. W.B. instead, decided to push H.B.P. to the series' original release time, November. "Whatever"! That is when the first two movies came out, I get it. Even still, it's bogus.

When Richard Harris (the original Dumbledore) passed away, the third film, The Prisoner of Azkaban, was postponed to July, so a new Dumbledore could be cast. The following movie The Goblet of Fire, resumed original release time, and the fifth again was postponed to July? It is infuriating. H.B.P. was supposedly postponed because Daniel Radcliffe, had a nude scene in his controversial play Equus. Apparently, Warner Bros. doesn't want the clean, virginal, Harry to be tainted by Daniel's Equus character.

What do I have to say...

BULL #$%@ !

Large amounts of it.

At least I got to watch the