Wednesday, August 27

Blogger Error

In my infuriation about Harry Potter I failed to be clear about it's postponement. It was originally scheduled to come out in November, that was the first postponement, but pushing it to November got it back on track to the series' original release time. The postponement I am angry about it the latest. As I said, in an effort to protect Harry from his actor, Daniel Radcliff's, naked and twisted portrayal of Alan Strang, in the upcoming play Equus, they postponed yet again! They have pushed Harry a full 8 months to July 2009! That is why I am so completely P.O.ed. We crazed Potter fans must wait almost an entire year to see H.B.P. on the silver screen. (Thanks for pointing out my error Kristy!) I don't type well when I am angry. To make things worse I also found out there will be a full 18 months between H.B.P. and the series' finale The Deathly Hollows and another 2 years for the second part! That's right folks, they are splitting up the last book into two movies. Sure sure they say "It's all for the fans! We want to put more of the book into the movies" more like you want to put more money in your pockets.


On a happier note I feel I must write about my recent spoiling by two individuals I call Mom and Dad. While on thier visit with us, they decided since Nathan and I have only one car, the cooped up me, needed some form of trasportation. A few weeks later this arrived in the mail.
I take it out a ton. They got a little sling piece for it so that James can ride in it comfortably and both kids have a great time in it. I have had people pull past us in their car and tell me what a nice "ride" it is. It has a ton of cool conversions you can get for it. Right now I have the jogging wheel for it, but I can buy the bike trailer attachment, strolling wheels for it, I can even get skis for it! It rides very smooth and straight, and I get out a lot more now, which was exactly why my parents wanted it for me. It was a bit over the top, but I couldn't be more grateful!

Then a short while later. I was on the phone with my Mom and told her my blender fell from my cupboard and shattered on the counter. I wasn't too upset, it was only $20.00. I would just go get a new one. I told her I didn't take very good care of it anyways (obviously), because I find myself resenting normal everyday blenders like the one I broke, the kind most people have. I have been spoiled by a good blender. I grew up with a Vita-Mix. My Dad got it as a gift for my Mother one year, she was initially not happy with it because she wanted a LaLane Juicer, but once she discovered what an amazing tool it was she was instantly in love. I have never used a blender as nice, in fact it is so far beyond what people know as a blender, it can hardly be classified as one, it is in a class of its own, the Vita-Mix class. When I had to settle for a normal everyday blender I was saddened, it was so sub par it was barely usable, but I could never afford a Vita-mix so I just had to deal with my Frankenblender. Well after finding out my blender got busted, Mom and Dad took some initiative. Two days ago, I saw the UPS man walking away from my doorstep, my Mom had let me know my early Christmas gift was on its way, and I knew this must be it. All I could do was scream when I saw the box with Vita-Mix in big bold letters on it.

I am so spoiled.

Next post will be my 100th! I am planning something special, I am still working it out, but I will post it soon. Keep your eyes out for it!

Tuesday, August 26


Heather is a flower, that's home is in Scotland. It is known for its subtle beauty and delicacy. A dainty flower, almost shy, its scent has been described as light and magical.

When pregnant with her second baby, my Mother decided that Jesse would be the perfect name should the baby be a girl. When my sister was born, she could not have been further from that name. Jesse, was too harsh, too strong a name for such delicacy. And so my parents spent those first days adoring their beautiful, dainty baby, they called "baby". For three days they tossed this and that about, nothing fit, nothing was light enough, gentle enough. When the name Heather came to mind, thoughts of the quite flower filled my parents, and they new she had been Heather all along.

Today we all know a name could not be more perfect for any individual, as Heather is the perfect name for my sister. If you were to describe that flower as you looked at her, you would be describing both at once.

Her heart is wounded today. My eyes brim with tears, knowing the hurt she feels right now. I want to be there for her, as her older sister. I want to do what God intended me to do when he created sisters. I want to offer up my shirt for her to sop with tears. I want to cry them with her. I want to lay in bed, and play with her hair, tickle her back, eat endless cartons of ice cream, help her to mend. She has to sew herself up, she has to do it without any pain medication or numbing solution. She has to take her needle and thrust it into her fleshy wound to bring the edges back together, stitch by stitch. How much easier would it be to leave it alone, to lay defeated and bleed out every drop of pain, sorrow, fear and love, until there was nothing left to cry over? To surrender. But she wont, under those delicate petals is a woman, strong and brave. She will fix herself up, she will have hardly a scar, and her magical scent, will enchant some one new.

Love you...