Saturday, September 6


So this is my 100th blog. I started writing here because of my cousin Makayla. I loved her blog and thought it was such a good idea for me, I could post pictures of my little family and give those beloved people, so far away, as big a glimpse into my life as I could. What it has turned into is so much more than I could have anticipated. People not just enjoying what I have to share, but how I share it, my writing. That makes me happier than I can describe. Many blogs I read will list 100 random things about themselves, or 100 things they love, I enjoy reading them, but not writing them so much, especially when I have to go cook dinner. So in recognition of my 100th blog, I want to recognize the few of you who have come here and made blogging such a fun experience for me, those that give me the reason to blog.

Here is to all of you. Thank you,

Mom Dad Shari Kiana Kateka Tazia Makayla Tiffany Aubrey Lise Kristy Megan Mitzi Colette Tawnya Chloe Anna Alison

for motivating me and listening. You make me feel so loved. 100 more to come.