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Good Night!

So Mom was mad I didn't do the expected "100 things" post. So I am gonna for her... Am I supposed to write stuff that you don't already know? That is gonna be hard.

1. I dated Nathan twice before the time that led us to marry. I dumped him both times.
2. In Texas I was so lonely, I got pregnant with Claralynne deceptively. Nathan had clearly expressed he didn't want to have children yet, but I took matters into my own hands!!!
3. I love the way acrylic nails look, but I can't stand the way they feel. All nails for that matter, I must always have trimmed nails, or I will bite them off.
4. I am agnostic.
5. I loved every minute of high school, and cried at graduation next to Wade Holbach and Garret Peterson.
6. I had a crush on Garret Peterson and Jeff Scott, from elementary school through High School.
7. I have never told anyone that.
8. I have tried several times to count how many people I have kissed. I have never been able to.
9. I wish I knew how to crochet or knit.
10. I still dream about being on stage and performing. I would continue to try if there was a theater or choir near me.
11. I want a piano.
12. I don't read music.
13. I have a chocolate problem.
14. I own as many books I haven't read, as books I have. In Utah I would buy books I had heard of if I found them at the D.I. so that I could expand my library.
15. I don't like wearing socks.
16. I miss my long hair, and wish I could put it in a pony tail...which is the very reason I cut it in the first place.
17. I am very afraid of December 21st, 2012, because the Aztecs and Mayans thought that was the day of the end of the world.
18. Speaking of the end of the world. This never fails to make me laugh my butt off (warning bad language).
19. I wish I had asked for guitar lessons from my Dad.
20. I plan to become a nurse, and a nurse midwife.
21. I want to home school my kids.
22. I love the game World of Warcraft. I don't have time to play it anymore and I miss it.
23. I am very clumsy, and rarely don't have some kind of burn, cut, or sore.
24. I have a single very coarse hair that grows out of my chin, like a witch.
25. I have read the Twilight series twice this month. I changed my mind Kake, I do love it.
26. My hair was once only slightly wavy, it got curlier and curlier with each pregnancy, now I only wear it curly.
27. I make round, bald babies, like cabbage patch.
28. I am nursng James and I cant type 1 handed ver well..........see.
29. I got many stretch marks from pregnancy, but I don't mind them, I worked hard for them.
30. I live less than an hour from Canada, but have never crossed the boarder.
31. I like to wear bandannas, but I get self conscious that people will think I am trying to be a bad girl, when I am really just trying to keep my hair out of my face.
32. My neck always hurts.
33. I have baby hands, my ring finger is a size 4.
34. My name is a 'male" name, and it means "king of the elves". My ears where type cast.
35. My biggest creepy crawly fears are snakes and spiders. I can't even look at them.
36. I sing all day, to no one and everyone, with music or without it.
37. Smokers are in my top five biggest pet peeves.
38. I want a Harley.
39. Shaving my legs is a monthly to bi-monthly affair, but you can't tell when I am furry, that is why.
40. I am lactose intolerant.
41. I really don't like G.W.B.
42. Brad Pitt is my biggest celebrity crush.
43. I have a tattoo of a treble cleft on my upper back.
44. Nathan is a year younger than me.
45. I really want to go back to New York. I would live there if I could, but only temporarily.
46. Almost half the time, the movie I am buying is one I have never seen.
47. I am sick of this and I am not even half way.
48. I have very fair skin, so I intentionally avoid sun to skin contact, and thus sun burns.
49. I try to never get water in my ears, they don't do well when they get wet.
50. Rubies are my favorite gem.
51. I planned my wedding in two weeks, and called people to see if they wanted to come...
52. I can wiggle my eyes back and forth really fast, it usually generates a very comical reaction from people. Nate can do it too. I saw Karli Osborn do it in 4th grade, then Megan Hannig could do it, so I was determined to learn...It took me until 8th grade.
53. I think I broke my thumb once, I was on my uncles four wheeler and ran into a tree. My thumb has never been able to bend properly since.
54. I used to be a compulsive nail biter, but once I found clippers left me with no hang nails I converted.
56. I talk to my mom on the phone at least 8-10 hours a week...sometimes a LOT more.
57. I was born at home, that is one of the main reasons I homebirth.
58. I have had over 6 moles Mom removed them all.
59. I have TMJ so bad, the dentist cringed when I showed him how my jaw pops.
60. I have had a miscarriage, 6 months before we got pregnant with Claralynne. It was really difficult at the time, but my chitlens have healed a lot of that pain.
61. I am going to have carpal tunnel when I am done with this.
62. I am in LOVE with my Scentsy flameless candle, I brag about it to all my friends.
63. I am very devoted to breastfeeding. I nursed Clara until she was 15 months, and I hope to nurse James longer.
64. I was nearly 5 months pregnant when I stopped nursing Claralynne. Which means in the last three years I have either been pregnant or nursing.
65. I have never gone skiing or snowboarding, and I lived in Utah most of my is pitiful.
67. I am totally dependent on my laptop.
68. I am excited for the next surgery I will be getting shortly. I will be able to hear again YAY!
69. I often get theme songs from the kids shows on Nick Jr. stuck in my head, so I will be walking around my house singing "Doo DooDoo Doo Doo Dora, Doo DooDoo Doo Doo Dora" under my breath.
70. I was thinking so hard about what to write here just now, I put Clara's pants on James.
71. I was named after this song. It is one of my most favorite songs ever, not just because he sing about me the whole time ;) but it is genuinely beautiful. The day I was born my Dad played it.
72. When I was little I used to go to the church down the street and light fires, I went there so my parents wouldn't know I had played with fire.
73. I sleep very late, it is not unusual for me to still be in bed at 11.
74. When I was a teenager I got in a big time cat fight with my Mom, hair pulling, face slapping and all. I laugh every time I think about it, and it is one of the funniest things my Mom and I have ever done together. We have been best friends ever since.
75. I am crazy about Nathan's dimples, they are very prominent when he plays his saxophone, so when ever I want to kiss his dimples I tell him to "play sax" he squiches up his lips so that his dimples sink in and I kiss em up!
76. From the first time I drove a mustang I have never wanted another car as much.
78. I never wear white because I spill on it every time, without fail.
79. I love green eyes.
80. I dream about my first dog, Zach, coming back from the dead at least once a year.
81. I heavily prefer vegetables to meat.
82. My job as a lifeguard is my favorite thus far (besides motherhood).
83. Water lily is my birth flower, emeralds are my birthstone.
84. I have a picture of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Raphael, signed by the man who was his voice on the T.V. show. My Grandpa Platt got it for me, but it is lost...
85. My belly button is pierced and I really like it, but I wasn't allowed to get it done until my Mom got hers.
86. Are you tired of this yet....I never knew I was so dang boring.
87. I didn't go on a honeymoon, I wish I had.
88. I love to water tube, I will go when ever I get the chance.
89. Law and Order S.V.U. is my most favorite T.V. show.
90. I am a big sissy and cry over a lot of nothing all the time.
91. I want to grow vegetables but I don't know how.
92. I am always trying to be as kind to people as I can, and get angry at myself when I am not as kind as I know I could be.
93. I still get scared of the dark.
94. I don't know exactly how tall I am...5'5''...5'4''...5'3'' it's all the same right?
95. My left breast is bigger than my right, and it really bugs me.
96. I stole my couches...I thought they had been abandoned...
97. I don't know how many times I have watched, Real Genius, Harry Potter, Legend, Willow, Anne of Green Gables, or Pride and Prejudice.
98. When my carpet is dirty I get very annoyed.
99. I love getting mail, even when it is bills, I like mail...
100.To my surprise, I had fun doing this, I hope you had fun reading it.

There ya go Mom and this shall also serve as my Tag Alison, as you can imagine I think I have done the tag and then some....and then some...and then some.