Thursday, September 18

Horse Tranquilizer

Clara is so sick. She has had a cold since July, since we came back from Utah. I blame the toxic air there. She has had a stuffy nose and cough the entire month and a half. The last few days have been particularly mean. She can't shake her fever, she has had one for 4 days. Her antibiotic isn't working. She is runny at both ends. Last night I went to check on her and she was snoring, obviously having a tough time breathing through her nose.

Despite her sickies she is still such a little ray of sunshine, singing and dancing all day, coughing and sniffling between performances. She has always been that way. All this worry keeps me from sleeping. I shake awake at every suspicious noise. I have considered sleeping in her room next to her on the floor, since she refuses to sleep with me in my bed. I wish she would, I would curl up tight against the bed's edge and sleep happy...or happier. I just can't stand having sick babies. I would rather be sick twice as bad and twice as long if it would spare her. So I am going to go back to the doctor, maybe have them switch her antibiotic, culture her mouth, maybe prescribe me a horse tranquilizer so I can get some shut eye.