Saturday, October 4

Cute Do!

I have been growing Claralynne's bangs out. It has made for a bit of a fight. If I put clips in her hair to secure her bangs, she pulls the clips out, and her hair is back in her face again and I can't stand not to see her eyes. I was then inspired by this lady. She is always doing such cute things to her little girls hair, and I thought "I can do that! I used to do that with Lisa!"

Now thankfully Clara's hair is really cute and I can see her pretty blues! Thank you Amanda!

Little darlings.

Tuesday, September 30


Many years ago-well not too many-I babysat my neighbors, the Barnes' two children as a summer job. Maddy was about 10 months, Landon was three. We watched Mulan, and nothing else. We would go about regular play time things with the movie playing. When it came time to put another movie in, DVDs did not get switched, other amiable Disney films were not pulled from their cases for any other purpose than to recreationally throw them about the room. Mulan played on...and on....and on. It was not unusual to have watched Mulan four and five times in a single day.

When their third child, Dylan, was born, I discovered he slept very well when Finding Nemo was on. I greatly enjoyed snuggling him and falling asleep myself, so the cycle continued on. Together we would curl up and listen to the dialogue, both of us often asleep before Nemo started school. When the film ended, Dylan would stir, I started the movie over, and we passed out again.

In the last few weeks, I have come back to this place. The Movie is Lady and the Tramp. Clara knows there are puppies in it, I assume that is why she loves it. When she asks for a wee wee (
Claralese for movie) it is always the puppy wee wee....This is the movie I watch daily. All other Disney movies are for kicking around the room only.

It is fun to come full circle.

Sunday, September 28