Friday, October 24

Another Beautiful Dress from Grosgrain

Marie-Therese Gown

So I just have to enter for this giveaway as well, I can dream right! If it were up to me this dress would be my size and I would wear it for Halloween. Don't you just love this era? I wish we could figure out time travel, all I want is to observe. Lookie no touchie, just to see what it was like, to see those pretty dresses sway, see the gentlemen bow to the ladies who wear them. A tumultuous era at times, but I think the fashion was first class!

Other Era's of fashion I absolutely adore.

Fashion in the 20's. When the ladies all sported Cloche hats, and Coco Channel made her way into the fashion history books.

Fashion in the 50's. When men didn't leave the house without his classy fedora atop his head, Frank Sinatra ruled the world....

and Marilyn...ah Marilyn....does it get any more iconic than that?

Wednesday, October 22

For Bored People Like Me

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