Saturday, November 8

Double Take

Wow what amazing changes. This is at a few days and the other at five months. He was such a jaundiced baby, and so tiny! How time flies!

Friday, November 7


On November 5th 2004 I went down to an empty room, mine for one last night, and pulled a white gown from a wardrobe bag. I admired the flowered beading, imagined how I would feel in the morning. When I woke up the following day I ran around like a mad woman, tying up lose ends. By the time I got to the church I was so overwhelmed with anxiety, excitement, happiness and wonder I couldn't stop sweating. As my Mother tried to curl my uncurlable damp hair my heart raced, my eyes welled, and my heart raced some more. I was about to take the most important walk of my life, the walk down the isle, to marry my love. My family and his led the way before me. My father played Cavatina as he walked me down the isle. I could barely see my Nathan through the tears clouding my eyes. He took my hand and my Grandfather, my Mother's Father, spoke the gentle vows he wrote for us with love in his voice. Nathan's eye's were blue as ever, he winked at me as he still does today, our secret "I love You" our "as you wish". I was his, he was mine, I got to keep him.

We could never have known what the two simple words, "I do" would bring us. It was the best decision we ever made and the happiness we have gained, the love we have been given is beyond words. I look into the eyes of my small ones and I see him there, it is then I know this is right. Four years is a small span in the space of a lifetime, and even smaller beyond it, but I feel accomplished, and I am overjoyed to be with him for the rest of our unmeasurable love.

Happy fourth anniversary my Nathan.


Wednesday, November 5

Political Tidbit

I would not classify myself as a Democrat or a Republican. Really I don't know what it would mean to be either. I see I have nearly insurmountable freedoms, and I feel that is enough. Between the two men who ran the final leg of the election, I don't think one man was better qualified than the other. They are flawed, as all humans are, and corrupt as all politicians are. But I am glad Barack Obama was elected to be our next President, for a single reason. It shows how far this nation has come. From brutal segregation, to the oval office, in less than 50 years.

He will be no magician or Santa Claus. He is not superhero or more than just a man. Our country is in heaps of trouble in mounds of ways, it cannot and will not be saved by a single talented speaker, who wears the title President. It will be saved by us, the simple people, of this great country. I am glad it was in my lifetime, the first African-American was elected President. I am proud of this country for that.

Tuesday, November 4


I can't remember the last time I had hiccups. What an anomaly. Does anyone know yet, why this happens? Is there some obscure physical necessity for them? Is my diaphragm lifting weights? Running laps? Is it realizing it is out of shape? Maybe I need to sing more. Though I can hardly imagine that, I sing all day!

I am off to Detroit in two weeks. Getting my gimpy ear patched up. My only concern is the drive home 2 days post-op. That is going to be a long drive times two...I hope they give me some super duper pain fightin' drugs!

Sunday, November 2


Halloween was a lot of fun. I think I enjoyed trick-or-treating with my little girl, better than I did when I was a kid. The Carebear costume was perfect, it is pretty nippy here right now, so the extra poof kept her warm...for the most part, her hands were icicles by the end of the night. We went with the Culey family another Coastie Gang. The other little girl is theirs, her name is Gabby.

Claralynne never did say "trick-or-treat", even though I prompted her every time we rapped on the next Yooper's door, but she did say thank you a lot!

This picture is from the trunk-or-treat a few days earlier, it was a bit of a sad turn out, so I am especially happy Halloween was a success. We didn't dress James as anything, he rode quietly in the Chariot and attracted plenty of attention despite it. He is just so dang cute that's why! ;)