Friday, November 21

Mrs. Potato Head

A few people have asked why I needed ear surgery. I have had chronic ear infections through out most of my life and holes in my ear drums which have required a number of surgeries. This last surgery I had is called a tympanoplasty, and it was my fifth. They took the tissue needed for the graft from behind my left ear, as the tissue from my tragus had already been used on both sides, the tissue from behind my ear on the left has also been used before, so the doctor had to go up higher on my head to find the tissue needed. Until recently, my family and I have always wondered what the cause of my ear troubles have been. My parents have taken the blame in various ways, apple juice to bed, bad anti nausea pills taken while pregnant with me, etc. What we learned through this last surgery has been relieving, as my surgeon was able to see, I have unsually narrow, eustachian tubes which has made drainage difficult, which results in ear infections, which results in ruptured membranes. This concludes your brief course on the functioning of the human ear drum, eustachian tube and one of the procedures used to correct them when they malfunction. Here is a kinda gross picture of my partailly cut off, then sewn back on again, ear.

Thursday, November 20

Detatchable Ear

It all went well, maybe in a few weeks I will be able to hear!!!

I have a nice ole incision behind my ear, where they cut it off to patch up my eardrum, the thought of my ear flapping around kind of make my intestines turn in knots. The anesthesiologist was a jerk (not really he was very nice) he didn't tell me when he put me under, one moment we were having a nice conversation about surgical lights, and the next I was waking up to the machines that go PING! And ping....and ping, annoying as heck

I did a lot of waiting, as did Nate. Now I am recovering well, but my head does indeed hurt a little. I will post more updates soon, maybe even a picture of my gnarly incision!

Wednesday, November 19

Snow White

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, off to surgery I go!
Whistle whistle whistle, whistle whistle whistle
Hi Ho! Hi Ho, Hi Ho Hi HOOOOOOO!

Sunday, November 16


Ah man :*( Michael Crichton died. He was one of my favorite authors and I am so heartbroken. He wrote, Jurassic Park and The Lost World, wonderful books, lots of fun, and insanely smart. He was fabulous and I am so sad to know we will no longer be graced with his unique writing.

He fought long and hard against cancer. He was 66.