Saturday, December 6

Clara's Hat

So when I told Nate I wanted to start knitting and crocheting hats, he told me he really wanted me me to make them for the kids, so here is my second beanie. I started it for another friend who's birthday has passed, but, as I am just starting out it was too small. So I finished it up with Clara in mind. You can kind of see I tried to stitch a little heart on the top, I was also going to make a flower for it, but decided the hat stood well on its own.

So with Christmas on the way, I am going to try something new. I hope people don't hate me for it, and it could potentially blow up in my face, and necessitate changing the blog to private. BUT, I am gonna give it a whirl anyways.

Beanie and things giveaways! Lets get everyone's comments and see what you all think of that idea. I am going to make the decision by the end of next week or sooner, so that I can get the hat done and out in time to be a nice Christmas gift. This time around leave a yes or no comment. If you like the idea, then also leave the colors and size of the beanie you would like, and I will put the names in a beanie ;) and draw them out. If all goes well then I will keep doing hats, and maybe down the line more involved projects, then post them as giveaways. You can also enter by linking to my blog, and I will see it using Technorati. Could be fun, we will see!

Friday, December 5

Look What I Made!

And can I tell you just how incredibly proud I am?! I made this for a neighbor's little girl, for her first birthday. I was so glad to be able to do something for her. Money is not in super high supply right now, with Christmas and everything, so going out and spending ten dollars for a birthday gift isn't always feasible. I spent probably three dollars on yarn, and it took me many many hours, if you total all the hours it took me to learn to crochet. I couldn't be happier about how my first project turned out though!

Wednesday, December 3

Violent Acres

I am in love with a new "blog! Check it out. It is 2 am people, and here I am still reading this salty lady. She is foul mouthed, ill tempered, poorly behaved, shameless, in your face, and over opinionated. I have been squirming in my seat for the entire read, but boy I wish I had half her guts! Enjoy with caution!

Sunday, November 30

Hiding Smiles

Any parent who's children have progressed to, or past toddlings, know that whilst punishing you must never smile. This can prove to be difficult at times, because even though they are being naughty, they are your most beloved treasures, the most beautiful and wonderful children to ever exist.

Clara wanders around our house partially to completely naked, all day, every day. It is for potty training purposes, and has been a fail safe technique. When the inevitable toddler act out occurs she is sent to the corner, if she continues to be naughty, she gets swat on her naked little butt (not to hard of course). Nowadays, when she hears the condemning words, she toddles her way over to the corner with one hand shielding her tush, and there the hand remains for the entire time out. But as a punishing parent, I am forbidden to smile, even though, this is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. So I squint, purse my lips together, hide my face, pretend I am coughing, ANYTHING, to hide the fact that, I think she is the simplest, purest, most honest, and perfect little person in the world, and she makes me smile even when I am supposed to be angry.