Saturday, December 13


Look what Santa left me under the tree!

Friday, December 12


Congratulations to Mitzi! She won the custom beanie!

So now for the real start to the giveaways. In the future I will post finished projects that you can enter for, and you can enter by linking (which is what I just did to Mitzi's blog) back to my blog from your own.

Here are two projects I just finished, sorry they are not giveaways for the blog., but I thought you might like to see things that are in store. I made them for the Coast Guard Station's Christmas party this evening, as white elephant gifts.

Monday, December 8


Alright, onward with the giveaways! I am thinking maybe I will do two a month to start. I will start working on various projects and post them as giveaways, and you can enter for them by linking to my blog from yours. For this first giveaway, and perhaps others now and then, the winner gets a custom hat of their color choice and design (if they have one in mind). Entry will close on Thursday winner will be announced on Friday and I will try to get the hat out in time for Christmas. For this giveaway, leaving a comment is fine for entry, but for all giveaways after you will need to link back to enter. Good luck!