Wednesday, December 17


I just finished two films. The First called Zeitgeist, and the second Zeitgeist Addendum. You can view them here. Very interesting, and worth your time. Chuck full of mind boggling information.

I wouldn't consider myself a conspirator, though many of the subjects addressed in the films have been considered conspiracy. Watching will help you to understand why in fact what most believe, is the real conspiracy. Many of you who read my blog know I am not affiliated with any religion, I am not political, and am generally weary of most organized institutions (including the military even though it is such a huge part of our lives). Thus the homebirthing, non-vaccinating, non-voting and so forth. I realize I color outside the lines, and that it makes some uncomfortable, but I feel I have done my research, and have not fabricated my opinions from some lack of education or enlightenment. These films address the very foundations of our lives, and present undeniably challenging information. I am afraid of it, and then I am not. Watch with an open mind. It is not my intent to deliberately test your faith, or shake your beliefs, or make it hard for you to sleep at night, I am merely trying to help illuminate an alternate possibility than the majority are aware of. I highly recommend these films. And hope they can help shed some light on things that have been intentionally kept from us.