Wednesday, December 24


I shoveled today and I will probably have to again in another few, it never least not until mid May.

Christmas Gifts

I thought I would be irritated, when awoken in the night by a hungry infant. I thought I would wish to go back to sleep, wish they would sleep. Though it is true, in the first few days after their births, sleep stayed in my eyes even when awake. In the night I often pulled my babes to me and fell back asleep in the same motion, only to be woken again by gentle nuzzling a few hours later.

This Christmas Eve, in the wee hours of the morning, I was awoken by a rustling coming from a wonderful bit of technology. Though he did not wake, I took the opportunity having already been awoken, to feed him. I pulled him from his bed and laid him at my side, even half asleep he roots and latches. I am calmed and in wonder, listening and watching, his round soft hand resting gently on my breast, his rhythmic breaths and hums, with a moonlit angel's face. I plead with myself, as I so often do, to never forget this perfect moment. When he nods off to sleep I place him back in his bed, and return to my own. I am soothed from soothing, my soul is fed by feeding my son. As I look back and reminisce about wondrous times feeding my babies, the memories feel like rare and precious stones, a Mother's Gift, Motherhood as a gift. I think about other gifts I have been given, they reach high to be held, they smile with glee when being fetched from their naps, they work hard to support you in every possible way, they call everyday and cry with missing, they love you from a distance. And it is what I don't unwrap, the people not the possessions that are my true Christmas treasures, my everyday gifts. I hope to you, while around your Christmas tree you all feel as I do, fulfilled by the people in your lives. Have a moment to be slow and take them in, "drink them in!" as Anne would say, love them every minute, remember to give thanks for them, and have a very merry Christmas.