Friday, January 2

Let me 'splain, no there is too much...Let me sum up

As prompted by Kateka last January to recap my year, I am copying yet again.

Funnest Event:
It was one of the neatest most adventurous days, not only of the year, but of my life.

Our trip home, getting to see much missed family and friends.

Biggest purchase of 2008:
Our new car, I didn't want to buy it, but we had to.

Favorite movies of 2008: In no particular order

It was a good year for movies!

But my most favorite of all was a movie now dear to my heart as Anne of Green Gables.

I will watch this film over and over and over and over and over, for the rest of my life.

Least favorite movie of 2008:
This was released last year, but we didn't see it until this year, and wow, one of the worst films EVER!

The movie that Didn't. Show. Up. Four letter words....lots of them. It makes me so mad.

And last...




If I am going to be honest here, in a year of spectacular cinema, I was vehemently underwhelmed by this film. I am hopeful the next will be up to par.

Favorite celebrity for 2008:
She is just darn cute, and amazingly talented. I can't wait to see what she has in store.

For my favorite movie this year.

Least favorite celebrity:
Everytime I see a photo my stomach is in knots and I tear up. So, my least favorite this year, because it just makes me too sad and I don't want to be sad.

Best Read of 2008 (New addition by Aubrey):

Best Photos I took this year (New addition by Kateka)

Worst photo taken of me in 2008 (New addition by Kateka):


Best photo taken of me in 2008 (New addition by Aubrey):

Guilty Pleasure:
Always chocolate(2007 answer)...nothings changed.

Saddest moment of 2008:
When my parents had to go home.
Leaving Utah
Missing my family 24/7.

Sickest moment of 2008:
My admittance to the hospital, it was the sickest I have ever been, and the closest to death.

Favorite song of 2008:
Passing Afternoon, Iron and Wine
You can listen to it below, if you aren't already.

Least favorite song of 2008:
There must not have been any this year because nothing comes to mind. I don't listen to much radio though.

Biggest event:
Births: James' Spencer's Brielle's
Arthur's Marriage
Kiana's long awaited pregnancy

Giving birth naturally again
Learning to knit and crochet
Being a Mother of two

Lessons Learned:
A clean house isn't everything

In 1 word 2008 was:
Busy, as predicted

In 1 word 2009 will be:
Busy again, and full of laughs and love

My hopes for next year:
Nathan becomes Petty Officer 2nd Class (didn't happen this year)
We all stay out of the hospital

Thanks for this again Kateka!

To the few of you who read my blog, copy and paste this! I want to see how your year was!

Tuesday, December 30

Sore Spot

For oreos. I bought them last night, now they are all gone...and I. Want. More.Like many, I have let go, any dietary reservation for the holidays. I wish I didn't feel guilty, I so love food, sweets, pop those things I know ALL too well I should not be consuming with any regularity. I have promised myself that all gorging will cease...some time in the next....some time. But for the oreos, I still desire another, and that is the problem. I will not, however, in any circumstance return to the store for just one more box. Not a chance.

If brainwashing myself is the only way

so be it.

Monday, December 29

More Than Christmas

It was a wonderful Christmas. Clara understood the point for the first time, and seeing her delighted face as she unwrapped each new treasure, was amongst the neatest things we have experienced with her so far. I am already excited for next year when we will officially start Santa. I gave and received some wonderful things, but as usual the best gift this year did not come from under the tree.

As I was making cookies trying hard not to devour the entire bowl of dough, I asked Nate to call his family. They didn't answer at first, but quickly called him back. When he picked up the phone he gave his Christmas greetings to his older sister Kiana. Funny and sweet, I thought, that she was the one to call us back and not his Mom. As I brushed it aside, watching and listening to his merry making with her, suddenly his eyes got very large, "Really?.......You are!........ Congratulations!". But it couldn't be, she couldn't be, heart pounding I ask, "Nathan, is she pregnant?" he nods yes. I am crying even now as I write it, and though I feel it isn't really my surprise to tell, I must tell of the screaming, crying, dancing and jumping that occured. I wish so much to hug her, hug her belly, jump up and down with her, and watch the gentle glow of pregnancy fill her face over the coming months. I cannot describe to you how much this is a true miracle, after all the years, thier family seems to be coming almost all at once, Spencer having joined us less than a year ago. This is not only the best gift for this year but among the best gifts I have ever gotten, a gift direct from the big man himself. Congratualtions Kiana and Patrick for baby number two, five years in the making!