Wednesday, January 28

Lonely Luggage

I have arrived. I didn't cry when I saw my parents there at the gate of my flight, I laughed. There was my Mother beckoning Claralynne, Clara stopped in her tracks four feet from my Mother's awaiting arms. You could see the ponder surrounding her little blond head, "I know this do I know this lady....?" then it hit her and she ran in for the hug at full speed, it was precious. My Dad quickly swept James out of my arms and we spent the next hour and a half leaving the airport. Halfway through the drive from the airport to the house, I realized I had not personally received a hug, and was delighted to know that my children were so very loved by these two people they could possibly forget to put their arms around me! It was a day of extremes. Extremely long trip, extremely happy arrival, up extremely late, to bed extremely tired, all worth the look on my Brother's face when he grabbed up the first boy in the family since himself.

A word on traveling alone with two small children....never mind I am at a loss for a single word that captures the magnitude of....and I am at a loss for another word to describe the feelings. So here are multiple words: Stressful, exhausting, crowded, loud, embarrassing, heavy, slow, hot, uncomfortable and very very long.

Here are some fun things that happened: My children both screamed a lot, and this is long before the flight even took off. In snowed in Denver so the pilot decided we might need to divert to Washington D.C. YAY! Oh wait never mind, we aren't going to divert we are just not going to take any luggage, 5 minutes before we lift off I have an epiphany "NOT EVEN MY CAR SEATS!?" so we got delayed about ten minutes more on top of the 30 we had already been waiting. I could feel the glares from the passengers surrounding me, like I had a choice about it all..."It's alright never mind I will just hold them both for the two hour drive home in the snow, I am sure we will be fine." Sheesh. My luggage got delivered to the house the next day, but I spent the entire flight stressing about how I was going to get my bags, which was a pain, you can imagine. I don't know why they couldn't take them, something about bad weather, fuel, and got me.

It is my husbands birthday today and he is spending it all alone. That makes me cry a little inside. He is 24.

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday my dear love....