Thursday, December 16

Early Preparation

When my dad started building my children's bunk beds, in preparation for our move there, he thought he had started way too early. After all it would be three months before we would be there, but he was just so excited! He figured he was going to get all finished then have nothing to do, and have to sit and be bored while waiting in agonizing anticipation. Then life happened, deaths, more life silliness, driving back and forth to Utah, injury, bad back, on and on, now we are down to the wire, and boy is he glad the beds were finished when they were because of all he has to do!

I have had a similar thought. I am seriously excited to move home, to Costco, malls, my sister, restaurants, the land, my mother, nice movie theaters, swimming pools, my brother, more than a single park, really nice parks, my dad, my dad playing guitar, singing with my dad while he plays guitar, could I go on and on thinking of all the things I have missed over the last six years? I could indeed. I thought for all the reasons I have to be very, agonizingly, impatient, that gathering boxes and beginning my packing now would have me facing similar issues my dad feared, in getting to the end and have nothing to do. Today these are the tasks I did: took down my photos, gathered my living room knickknacks, wrapped both things in newspaper, boxed them, sorted through my movies and chose which ones we want access too for the next month and our trip, then packed the empty cases, packed the rest of the movies, my books, then moved all 5 boxes into the garage. I realized some things when I fell into the rocking chair after I was done: firstly, packing boxes and preparing entails a lot more than just the gathering and boxing of the things I listed; there were several other things that needed to be done in order to get the packing done. Secondly, there is no too early. Judging from my current state of exhaustion, having a leg up will save me from the endless work we have to do at the end tail of this move, which will be a condensed week of packing, packing a truck, scouring every inch of this house for inspection and check-out, driving, driving, driving more, then unpacking and then starting school again a week later. Life is bound to happen in between our moving tasks. Maybe I don’t have an early start on it. Maybe I am right on time.

I am tired just thinking about all we have to do. Did I mention I have two toddlers and a huge dog, or that we are moving from a steady income with 100% insurance and free housing, to no insurance and no job into a house with my entire family? Can you picture it? I so can.

All to be a midwife. But not really. My family will make it all worth it. At least…I pray to God they will.

Did anyone tell you how much fun being a grownup is?                         n't


  1. Oh my gosh, I hate being a grown up. As a kid, you want nothing more than to be grown up because surely that is the life. But as a grown up, you want to be a kid, because we all really know THAT is the life.

    Good luck with your move! I hope you starting things early will make things go that much better (and I think it will).

  2. Moving suuuuuuucks! I'm really glad you get to move home to be with your family again! And congrats on all the hard work in school - you are amazing!