Friday, December 24

No Christmas This Year

There will be no Christmas this year. I will not be waiting until the little people who live in my house, gently slumber off to sleep so that I can lay out their gifts. In the morning we will not open presents under the tree. There is no tree. No, tomorrow we will probably eat cereal; my children do not know it is the "official" holiday in the morning. This has nothing to do with my religion or whether I like Christmas or not, because I do. I remember the last time I shared a Christmas with my family. We stayed the night in my old room, we were childless, not yet in the Coast Guard, we had never been anywhere together, much less Texas, or Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, the Mississippi, or Michigan. We had been married a mere 7 weeks. That's right. The last time I spent the holidays with my family was six years ago. With our move coming up in 1,788,933 . . . 1,788,929 . . . 1,788,923 seconds (that's 20 days for people out there that don't count down by the second) we decided to phone Santa and plead that he postpone our Christmas so that the biggest gift each of us receive this year is the gift of being together at Christmas for the first time in a very long time. So tomorrow while you are celebrating I won’t be sad we won’t be joining in the merriment, I won’t wish we had gotten to join in on the unwrapping, and the feasting, or that we had just set up the tree for fun, because this year for my Christmas, I will be getting the best gift in the world: my entire family. And since we celebrate in the coming year, we will get two Christmases!

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