Tuesday, December 14

That's a Wrap

Well now that I am down one more semester I have some time to get on here and scribble something. This was a challenging semester. There were many stresses that I never would have anticipated for my life. The prospect of moving across the country, leaving our military life behind, and moving on to a life that doesn't have a job in it (right now), a life of school, and living with my family (which will be undoubtedly trying at times), all these events have created a very unusual experience. It truly has been a hell of a year. For that matter, I have officially finished my first year of school, only 7...or 8.....or maybe 12 more to go....depending on whether I decide to go to medical school or not, though it is looking like a "not" right now. I don't have...well...anyone's support.

I did well again this semester, and I suppose now I can accept it is not a fluke; I am not dumb, and I am capable of getting good grades. What a concept! I am gearing up for my first (of several) science classes. I am taking a first semester biology course with a lab, and I am taking it online. I am pretty excited about it, as I have to buy a lab kit, a microscope and all sorts of sciencey stuff that I will use in....the garage or something (the words “e coli in the fridge” have been tossed around in regards to this course). So that should be fun. Also on the agenda is Anthropology, and I am continuing my math courses. I am on to new mathematical territories, as I have never been beyond pre-algebra....sad as that seems. I ditched math in school for choir, drama, dance, and.....well, boys. That was s-m-r-t. We are moving in T-minus 1 month. My dad arrives in three weeks to help lift (with his bad back...what was I thinking!), spackle, and drive. I can seriously hardly wait to see him.
So here we go! Wooo


  1. Wait! Are you coming back HERE?! Like Utah here? As in we could actually hang out?

  2. You have my support! Go Doctor Aubrey, GO!